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2016 NFL Winning Predictions For The NFC East

Written by on July 28, 2016

The NFC East has been a wild and unpredictable division over the last couple of seasons and, from the rudimentary look of the East, things will be no different in the 2016 NFL lines. The Washington Redskins took the title in 2015 amidst injuries, suspensions and disappointing performances across the division.Can they repeat it for the second year running? Will the Dallas Cowboys, the current odds-on favorites in the division, stay healthy and recapture the crown? How about the New York Giants; will this be long-awaited year for them to trample over everyone? And what of Chip Kelly and his rebuilding agenda with the Philadelphia Eagles? Let’s get the NFL picks, predictions and all for these 2016 NFC East title contenders.

A Closer Look At The 2016 NFL Winning Predictions For The NFC East


Favorite NFC East Pick 2016: Dallas Cowboys

It doesn’t matter who will be starting or who will be on the bench; what’s certain is that Ezekiel Elliot, Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris will make Dallas’ running game arguably the best in the division. Combine that with the return of a healthy Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, you get an offense that will cause fits to teams all over the league. Pencil in an above average defense and a suspension-filled-but-still-talented-Dallas-front-seven, I see Dallas Cowboys getting back to its glory and bringing the bacon home as the NFC East Championship favs.

Smart NFC East Pick 2016: New York Giants

Even before the Giants spent millions of dollars in the offseason to shore up their roster, I already believed that New York was a solid unit primed for a 2016 breakout due to better experience in its O and D lines. The fact that the Giants have enterprisingly invested in the team this offseason is therefore an affirmation that you should trust more in the Giants’ breakout season agenda. After all, Eli Manning is definitely the best QB in this division (along with Romo) while Odell Beckham is the best big-man receiver in the NFC East, if not the entire league. With just a few more improve improvements in the defense; the Giants could easily be the team to beat in 2016.

Longshot NFC East Pick 2016: Washington Redskins

Tempting as was to have the Redskins take the smart pick slot, I decided against it, given that wary nature of trusting this often too inconsistent Washington team. 2015 was a lucky year for the fans in Washington, with the defense outperforming its real value and Kirk Cousins somehow managing to get it all together. With everyone in the division healthy, the Redskins should be back to their usual contention for a wild-card spot, but with more pressure above them from the Giants and the Eagles flying under the radar below them. Not to forget, rookie first-rounder Josh Doctson is already bugged with incessant injuries ahead of the new season, so it doesn’t look like the prospected improvement in Washington’s aerial game will be coming any time soon. So, while Washington is a better team that it was in 2015 (on paper), the stiff competition in the division will most likely make it very hard for them to rise to the top for a second straight year.***For the Eagles, there is just too much clatter to clean up in the team, so Kelly will need more than just a year to return to their solid footballing ways of 2013 and 2014. Do, however, expect better quarterback play if Carson Wentz is able to take over the starting role in the team sooner rather than later over the washed-off excuse of a veteran QB in Sam Bradford.

2016 NFC East Predictions

Okay guys, this one is about me going out on a limb rather than trusting the expected status quo in the division. While I have mad respect for Romo and the Cowboys, their never-ending list of suspensions and frequent injuries make them a risky favorite pick. My pick therefore is with the Giants, who’ve proven capable of keeping Manning and his targets healthy, and look to be on the up-swing defensively. Washington should finish near the top, but on a third or second position (depending on how the Cowboys play), with the Eagles unsurprisingly finishing last.

My 2016 NFC East Winning Pick: New York Giants