2020 NFL Betting - Must Bet Games in Week 5

Must Bet NFL Games in Week 5 in 2020

Written by on August 26, 2020

With 16 games on the schedule for each team in the NFL, it is never really a good idea to write a team off after the first few weeks of the season. This may well prove to be especially true this year, with one extra team from each conference making the playoffs. That said, we usually begin to have a good idea of how the rest of the season might play out once we get to Week 5. As we have mentioned before, some teams may well have a difficult time adjusting to life in the NFL during a pandemic, but you would certainly think that most will have adjusted by the time we reach this stage of the season. Let’s now look ahead to Week 5 and pick out some games that are definitely worth watching and wagering on against their NFL odds.

2020 NFL Betting Preview for Games in Week 5

Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans

Both of these teams were part of the Wild Card picture in the AFC last season, with the expectation being that both should be in the mix again. For the Bills, they will feel that there is a shot at ending the dominance of the New England Patriots in the AFC East now that Tom Brady has moved on. Plus, they will be looking to do better than their one and out in the postseason last year. After their playoff exploits last season, the Titans might well be the team to beat in the South. Either way, this is a huge game for both teams in their quest for a playoff spot.

Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers

While the Eagles made it into the postseason last year, you always had the feeling that they were doomed for an early exit, which indeed proved to be the case. Much of their success this season is once again going to depend on the health of Carson Wentz, a very good QB who cannot seem to make it through the season without picking up an injury. Likewise, the success of the Steelers, who missed the playoffs in an injury-ravaged season, will depend on how well Big Ben recovers from elbow surgery. An intriguing battle of Pennsylvania.

Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks

In the salary cap era, teams tend to have a window of opportunity where they can realistically win the Super Bowl. Many pundits are of the belief that the window is now barely open for the Minnesota Vikings, so this may be a pivotal season for them. The Seattle Seahawks are coming into this season as a bit of a dark horse, but you would expect them to be challenging for a playoff spot in what looks to be a very tough NFC West division. This will be a good test for both teams in a game that is one of the best on the schedule this week.

LA Chargers at New Orleans Saints

The Monday night game is not exactly what you would consider a totally even fight, but we could be at an interesting point for the LA Chargers. They bid farewell to longtime starter Phillip Rivers in the offseason and drafter Justin Herbert as their QB of the future. They also have Tyrod Taylor, who looks a good bet to start the season, but if things go south, might this be the game where Herbert gets the call? It would be fun to see the rookie go head to head with Drew Brees.

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