NFL 2021 Green Bay Packers Win/Loss Odds Analysis and Betting Prediction

NFL 2021 Green Bay Packers Win/Loss Odds Analysis and Betting Prediction

Making full season predictions before NFL training camps have opened for business is perhaps as poor a decision as you can make, but since we are in the business of making such predictions, here we are. We are now just a matter of a few short weeks away from those camps opening, but not every squad is set. The biggest issue still waiting to be resolved is whether Aaron Rodgers will suit up for the Green Bay Packers this season. As it stands right now, it does not look as though either side is willing to budge, which suggests that we might be about to usher in the Jordan Love era. Keep all of that in mind as we look ahead to what might be in store for the Packers in 2021 so you can plan your bets against their NFL Team Totals odds.

Green Bay Packers Win/Loss Betting Odds and Prediction for the 2021-22 Season

Packers Divisional and Playoff Chances

Even with Aaron Rodgers potentially sitting out or playing elsewhere this coming season, you still have to like the Packers to win the NFC North. Detroit is going to be terrible again this season, while there are still too many question marks with both the Bears and the Vikings. The Packers won the division going away last season, ending the year with a 13-3 record. While it might be tough for them to match that number in 2021, even with an extra game, you would still think that they could do enough against their divisional foes to be in a good spot come the end of the year.

The bookies seem to agree that the Packers are the team to beat in the North, as they are in at -120 right now. They are also up among the favorites to win the conference and are currently sitting at +800, but this could all change based on what Rodgers decides.

Packers 2021 Schedule and Win Total

The Packers started the offseason with the bookies having their win total set at 10 ½, although they are currently off the board in some places as everyone waits the Rodgers decision. After all, this is the reigning MVP of the league, so there is no telling what might happen if he does elect not to play for the Packers again, which is his current stance.

The Packers have a tough opener on the road against the Saints, but with New Orleans looking at a QB situation of their own, it might be more winnable than expected. Through to Week 7, the Packer have what looks to be a favorable schedule, and they could easily be sitting at 5-2 or better. They have a rather hellish stretch after that, with the Cardinals, Chiefs, Seahawks, and Vikings all on tap before their bye week. They have a tough one against the Ravens after that, but a mostly manageable schedule from Week 13 on.

Under normal circumstances, by which we mean having Aaron Rodgers under center in Week 1, you would be willing to bet that the Packers would go over that initial 10 ½ game win total. Without him, though, you are looking at a bit of a crap shoot. I am holding off making a wager on this one until things become clearer in Green Bay.

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