2023 NFL Mock Draft Trade Proposals That Could Reshape the Odds to Win the Super Bowl

2023 NFL Mock Draft Trade Proposals That Could Reshape the Odds to Win the Super Bowl

The NFL Draft is in April. Already, rumors are swirling about potential blockbuster trades that could lead to massive changes on the odds for teams to win Super Bowl 57. The most significant rumors involve Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson, who has requested a trade. Check out four possible NFL Mock Draft trades that could have a huge impact on this upcoming season’s Super Bowl to win odds.


2023 NFL Mock Draft Trade Proposals That Could Reshape the Odds to Win the Super Bowl

2023 NFL Draft: Thursday, April 27 – Saturday, April 29


Colts trade for Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson

Any team that wishes to sign Lamar Jackson must part with a couple of first round draft picks. The Indianapolis Colts are the most likely team because Indianapolis is in win now mode.

The Baltimore Ravens, for sure, would accept Indy’s fourth-pick in the first round this year. If Indianapolis were to sign Jackson, they’d become a co-favorite along with Jacksonville to win the AFC South.

The Colts’ Super Bowl odds would also significantly fall. Baltimore’s odds to win the Lombardi Trophy would rise big time. The Ravens don’t have much of an offense outside of Lamar.


The New York Jets make a trade for Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers

What’s going on in New York? The New York Jets and Green Bay Packers supposedly had a deal in place to send Aaron Rodgers to NYJ in exchange for a boatload of draft picks.

The deal should show go through. When it does, the Jets will be a Super Bowl contender. Yes, it sounds crazy to say it.

Green Bay’s odds will drift past Detroit’s, the Saints’, and Giants’ to win the big game. The Packers have talent. But without the greatest quarterback in the franchise’s history at the helm, it will be tough to even make the playoffs.


Buffalo trades for Arizona wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins

Buffalo’s odds could leapfrog Kansas City’s and Cincinnati’s were they to make a play for Zona wideout DeAndre Hopkins. Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen requires a wide receiver he can throw the ball to who can win one-on-one matchups.

Stefon Diggs should be that guy. He is, for the most part, but his high-flying skills aren’t on par with DeAndre’s. No wide receiver in the league can leap like Hopkins.

The Cardinals’ Super Bowl odds are meaningless. The team requires a lot to become a contender again. So no matter the draft haul, it won’t lead to the Valley becoming a Super Bowl contender.


Green Bay uses one or two of the draft picks they got from the Jets to trade for Rams QB Matthew Stafford

Did we write the Packers wouldn’t be Super Bowl contenders? We might be wrong.

If they pull off a trade for Rams starter Matthew Stafford and Staff is one-hundred percent healthy, Green Bay’s Super Bowl odds would rise but they wouldn’t rise as much. First, the chances of a trade for Staff happening is better than many think.

Green Bay head coach Matt LaFleur knows how to work with veteran quarterbacks. He has ties to the Rams organization and Green Bay, like Indy, is in win now mode.

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