San Francisco 49ers Odds and Betting Analysis for the 2023 Playoffs

San Francisco 49ers Odds and Betting Analysis for the 2023 Playoffs

The San Francisco 49ers have had quite the season. First off, starting quarterback, Trey Lance was injured early in the season, had surgery, and is out for the season. Jimmy Garoppolo, who many thought would be traded, took over and led the Niners until he was injured. Enter, Mr. Irrelevant, the last player drafted in the 2022 NFL Draft, Brock Purdy. Purdy has been great for the Niners, and he’ll be under center for the playoffs.

This is just part of a memorable season for the 49ers. They’ve had numerous injuries, requiring many of their key players to miss numerous games. When starting running back Elijah Mitchell went down; the Niners acquired star running back Christian McCaffrey from the Carolina Panthers. With McCaffrey in the backfield, Deebo Samuel back healthy, George Kittle playing well, and an offensive line that has played well, San Francisco is ready to make a long playoff run. It’s time to check how the San Francisco 49ers arrive to this 2023 postseason so you can bet against their NFL Playoffs Lines.

Are the San Francisco 49ers the Best Team in the NFC?

Playoff Odds

San Francisco will host their division rivals, the Seattle Seahawks in their playoff opener. The Niners are 8-1 at home this season, and they’re on a 10-game winning streak. Seattle needed help from the Detroit Lions in the last game of the regular season to sneak into the playoffs. The 49ers are huge favorites in this one, as the oddsmakers have made them 10-point favorites.

With the Niners being the hottest team in the league, and arguably the best team in the NFC, they have a great shot at winning the conference. The sportsbooks have San Francisco at a +210 to win the NFC. The Philadelphia Eagles are the only team to have better odds than San Francisco, as they come in at a +175.

As for the Super Bowl, the 49ers have the third-best odds to win the Super Bowl. They’re behind Kansas City at a +330, and Buffalo at a +420. San Francisco is a +500 to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season.

Are the 49ers a Good Bet?

Since getting everyone back healthy, the Niners have quietly put together a very good season. With much of the attention being on the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, and Dallas Cowboys, the Niners have somewhat snuck under the radar. Right now, we think they’re the best team in the NFC. We think that it’s a smart bet to put money on San Francisco winning the NFC. Philadelphia has cooled off, the Dallas defense has struggled, and we don’t see another team from the conference challenging the 49ers.

While we think they’ll represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, we’re not sure if they have enough to defeat the winner of the AFC. Even though their defense hasn’t given up more than 20 points in their 10-game winning streak, they haven’t played against offenses as strong as Buffalo’s, Cincinnati’s, or Kansas City’s. 

If you would like to take our advice, we really like placing a wager on the Niners to win the NFC, but we’d hold off on placing a bet on them to win the Super Bowl. 


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