AFC West Mock Draft Odds For 2020 Draft

AFC West Mock Draft Odds For 2020 Draft

Written by on April 20, 2020

This coming Thursday, April 23, we are going to see the start of an NFL Draft unlike any we have seen in modern times. Much of the glitz and glamour will be absent, which seems only fitting given the current state of affairs, but the importance of the draft will certainly not be lessened. Every team in the league will be making picks that they hope will make them much stronger than they were last season, although it’s tough to get any stronger than the Kansas City Chiefs were at the end of last season when they won the Super Bowl. It’s up to the rest of the teams in the division, not to mention the entire NFL, to play catch-up. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what the teams in the AFC West might do in the 2020 NFL Draft and their odds.

AFC West Mock Draft Odds For 2020 Draft

Kansas City Chiefs

The defending champion Kansas City Chiefs come into the 2020 NFL Draft with just 5 picks, but with very few serious holes to fill, that may not be too big of an issue for them. It’s tough to actually pin down where the Chiefs need help, so this draft will be all about adding depth. The Chiefs pick at #32 in the opening round, with the consensus seeming to be that they will go with OL Cesar Ruiz. Linebacker picks seem to be the main need for KC, although they might also pick up another WR in the later rounds if they want to take home again the AFC West title.

Denver Broncos

The Broncos finished the regular season at 7-9 last year, and while that left them second in the division after tiebreakers, it still left them well outside the playoff picture. It’s no secret that this team needs some serious help on the offensive side of the football, with GM John Elway making it abundantly clear that a WR will be their first pick in the draft. There are going to be a ton of WR picks going early, so expect the Broncos to have either CeeDee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy, or Henry Ruggs as their opening pick, depending on hoe the draft plays out. LB’s on the offensive and defensive side are also a must have for Denver.

Las Vegas Raiders

The raiders will have their inaugural season in Las Vegas this coming season, with that move potentially having an impact on who they pick first. If the Raiders want to go with a flashy pick in the first round, they could well choose a WR from what is a very deep pool. There has been talk that Jerry Jeudy might end up in the silver and black if they do go that route. This is a team that also needs help in the secondary, so we might see a less sexy pick to get the draft started, which could be CB CJ Henderson. LA also needs help at safety and at the LB spot, so look for those in the later rounds.

LA Chargers

Last season proved to be the end of an era for the LA Chargers, as it was when they decided that it was finally time to part ways with QB Phillip Rivers. It was a disappointing season for the Chargers, who finished last in the West with a 5-11 record. With that in mind, you have to believe that LA will be looking at drafting a QB with their first pick, with either Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert the most likely candidates. Then again, they might also choose to roll the dice with Tyrod Taylor at QB, which would then mean that an OL would be their first pick. Look for them to also go with a CB and a WR, regardless of how the QB situation plays out.