JAN 16 - Analysis Highlights Best Investing And Betting Strategies For Super Bowl 51

Analysis Highlights Best Investing Strategies For Super Bowl 51

Written by on January 16, 2017

Do you want to make a potentially winning ATS wager on the quickly-approaching Super Bowl 51 showdown? Would you like to cash in on some of the game’s other ATS wagers, whether it’s by quarter or half?Are you more of an Over/Under total bettor that wants to cash in on the game’s final score? Maybe you’re like me and you like making player props odds wagers that could pay off big.Whatever the case may be, if you answered ‘yes’ to any of the aforementioned questions, then you’re in luck. The expert Super Bowl 51 betting tips that you’re about to get will help you in your efforts to cash in early and often over the course of Super Bowl 51. Now, let’s get started.

Analysis Highlights Best Investing And Betting Strategies For Super Bowl 51


Inspect the Line

First and foremost, check the Super Bowl ATS line and come to a decision on whether or not you believe the line is accurate or close to what you believe is accurate. If you believe the line is askew, then that actually works in your favor, particularly if you believe underdog is actually a better team than the favorite.

Check the History

Another wise thing to do is to go back and look at some recent Super Bowl ATS history, not that it always has a bearing on what’s happening on this season’s current title tilt. Still, knowing your history never hurts. It could be that you spot a trend like the fact that the Underdog has covered the spread in four of the last five Super Bowls or it could be something else. Either way, checking the Super Bowl ATS history for trends and such, is a great idea!

Recent Play is Important

Um…I know I’m not telling bettors much by advising them to check the recent play of both Super Bowl teams, but I can’t overstate this fact enough. Not only should you look at each team’s recent trends and on-field play, but doing so against ‘similar’ teams is even more important.Learn how have both teams have fared against the spread (ATS) away from home this season or better yet, over the last two seasons. Having you homework complete on recent performances will give you a great idea of just what to expect come game day.

Team Motivation

Do you know which team is more motivated than the other? Do you know which team has a little bit more of a ‘chip’ on their collective shoulders or an important player or two with other issues that could affect their on-field performances? Knowing things like team motivation level, overall maturity and off-field issues are highly significant factors that NFL gamblers need to know. Stay on top of each team’s latest and most recent news…off-field or locker room issues if you really want to nail your Super Bowl ATS bet.

Is There an X-Factor?

Which team has an ‘X-Factor’ kind of player on their roster and how likely is it that this player makes an impact on the game. Lest anyone forget, a big special team’s play or one made from an ‘X-Factor’ player has been more of a regular occurrence in the Super Bowl than an aberration that takes place arbitrarily.

Quarterback Play and Coaching Edge

Do you know which quarterback is more prone to committing a costly, game-changing error and which one isn’t? Does one team’s starting quarterback have a fragile mind that isn’t equipped to handle, not only the intense pressure he’ll be under on the field, but also the bright lights and big media stage that come along with being in the NFL title game?Does one head coach know how to keep his team together more than the other or is one head coach more prone to ‘lose it’ in the face of adversity? Which coach is more experienced and likely to make decisions both, on the field and in the locker room?Make sure you get as much information as possible on these important factors and you’ll be well on your way toward making a potentially winning Super Bowl 51 wager.

Investing Strategy

While one bettor’s investment strategy will differ from the next, the golden rule of thumb is to never ‘put all of your eggs in one basket’ no matter how much of a ‘lock’ you think your Super Bowl selection is. No matter the size of your Super Bowl betting bankroll, putting a sound financial investment plan together is always a wise thing to do.I personally like to categorize my Super Bowl picks in order of ‘certainty’, meaning the more I feel a pick is a lock, the higher that selection will be on my Super Bowl betting list. I believe it’s more beneficial to spread your finances around a bit as far as making an O/U Total wager – or for me – a bunch of sure-fire player props picks. Even if you lose one or two of your wagers, you’re likely to hit on some others, thereby giving you a better chance to either break even, or better yet, come out on top.