NFL Betting Analysis Power Rankings Heading Into Week 2 of the 2022-23 Season

NFL Betting Analysis: Power Rankings Heading Into Week 2 of the 2022-23 Season

After NFL Week 1, the top four preseason choices to win the Super Bowl are locked into the top four spots. See below for NFL Power Rankings from 1 to 32 heading into week 2 so you can continue betting against the NFL Odds.

2022 NFL Power Rankings Betting Update After Week 1

1. Buffalo Bills 1-0 – The Bills blasted the defending Super Bowl champions on the road. No doubt, Buffalo deserves their top status. 

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-0 – Tampa’s 19-3 win over Dallas impresses big time because the defense contained one of last season’s top offenses. 

3. Los Angeles Chargers 1-0 – The Chargers get the nod over the Chiefs for the third spot. Why? The Bolts beat a tough division rival in the first week while KC got to take down a bad Arizona team. 

4. Kansas City Chiefs 1-0 – Sure, Kansas City dominated AZ in The Valley. But Zona has no pass rush. Let’s see how Patrick Mahomes handles Joey Bosa and Kahlil Mack on Thursday night. 

5. Minnesota Vikings 1-0 – It’s hard not to love the Vikings after watching the defense hold Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay’s offense to 7 points while dropping 23 onto the Packers D. 

6. Miami Dolphins 1-0 – Miami’s 20-7 win over New England impresses because Tua Tagovailoa beat a Bill Belichick coached defense. 

7. New Orleans Saints 1-0 – New Orleans rallied down 16 points in the fourth quarter to beat their biggest rivals. If that doesn’t convince folks the Saints are a good team, nothing will. 

8. Baltimore Ravens 1-0 – Yep, Baltimore dominated the Jets. But it’s the Jets. Also, Joe Flacco played and he hasn’t been good since John Harbaugh was his coach. 

9. Cincinnati Bengals 0-1 – Joe Burrow will never throw four interceptions in a game again. Even with the 4 picks, Cool Joe had the Bengals on the door of a win, which is why Cincy is the lone 0-1 team to show up in the top ten. 

10. Indianapolis Colts 0-0-1 – Indianapolis always struggles in their first game of the season. The Colts managed a tie, which considering how the Colts usually play in week 1 is a victory. 

11. Philadelphia Eagles 1-0 – Philadelphia managed a fantastic come from behind 38-35 overtime win against the Detroit Lions. The problem is that Philly’s D allowed 35 points. 

12. San Francisco 49ers 0-1 – SF is much better than what they showed on Sunday. The Niners will bounce back from the loss to the Chicago Bears. Mark our words. 

13. Green Bay Packers 0-1 – The Packers are better than what they showed versus the Vikings. Green Bay lost their first game last season and ended up with the best record in the NFC. 

14. Denver Broncos 0-1 – At least coach Nathaniel Hackett knows he should have gone for it on fourth down instead of trying a 64 yard field goal. Denver had no business losing the game. Melvin Gordon fumbled at the goal line earlier in the second half. A touchdown would have been all Denver required to beat the Seahawks. 

15. Los Angeles Rams 0-1 – It’s tough to know how good the Rams are. They had their chances but didn’t execute on either side of the ball. Then, it looked like LAR gave up in the fourth quarter.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-0 – Losing T.J. Watt hurts. Mitch Trubisky is not the answer and Pittsburgh got lucky against Burrow and the Bengals. Still, Mike Tomlin remains the best coach in the NFL. So the Steelers deserve this high of a ranking. 

17. New York Giants 1-0 – We’re putting the Steelers ahead of the Giants because of the Tomlin factor. Brian Daboll might be Tomlin 2.0. Daboll went for 2 as time expired to seal the win against the Titans. 

18. Las Vegas Raiders 0-1 – Why haven’t the Raiders created an offensive line that can protect Derek Carr? Last season, opponents sacked Carr 40 times. Last Sunday, the Bolts sacked Carr 5 times.

19. Tennessee Titans 0-1 – Tennessee should have rolled the Giants. But the Titans aren’t as good as many believe. Not only that, the coaching staff doesn’t seem to go into games with the optimal strategy on offense or defense. 

20. New England Patriots 0-1 – The 0-1 Patriots get the nod over the 1-0 Seahawks for the simple reason that Bill Belichick will find a way. Brilliant Bill always does. 

21. Seattle Seahawks 1-0 – Geno Smith played like Patrick Mahomes in the first half of Seattle’s win. In the second half, he didn’t make any mistakes, but the Seahawks were lucky to beat the Ponies. 

22. Cleveland Browns 1-0 – Baker Mayfield beat himself in the first half, which is how the Browns built a big lead over the Panthers. Baker tried to rally Carolina, but it came up short. 

23. Chicago Bears 1-0 – Once the rain started coming down, the Bears went into old school football mode. The 49ers didn’t adjust and Chicago pulled off the upset win. 

24. Washington Commanders 1-0 – D.C. didn’t deserve to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags are probably the better team. But since Washington did win the game, they rank ahead of the Jags.

25. Dallas Cowboys 0-1 – Dallas’ defense played good enough to win. The Cowboys held the Buccaneers to 19 points. It’s the Boys’ offense that could be the problem this season. 3 points is all Big D could post. 

26. Detroit Lions 0-1 – Detroit was on the cusp of a real nice upset victory. Jared Goff is a good quarterback. The Lions require some work for sure, but Motown won’t be an easy out for any opponent this season. 

27. Jacksonville Jaguars 0-1 – Jacksonville should have beaten the Commanders. Even in the final drive, Trevor Lawrence didn’t have to throw up that duck that D.C. intercepted. So the Jaguars have some work to do. By midseason, opposing teams will fear this squad. Mark our words. 

28. Atlanta Falcons 0-1 – The Southern Birds looked to be on the way to an easy win against their biggest rivals, the Saints. But New Orleans rallied. The ATL’s success hinges on Marcus Mariota. If he continues to play well, the Falcons will win some games this season. 

29. Houston Texans 0-0-1 – If you’re the Houston Texans, a tie against the Indianapolis Colts is almost as good as a win. If we compare rosters, it’s laughable. Indy should have trounced the Houston by 20.

30. Carolina Panthers 0-1 – Baker will be okay. He showed in the second half why the Panthers will be much better with he under center than Sam Darnold. Matt Ruhle? Yeah, Carolina’s head coach has got to get it together.  

31. New York Jets 0-1 – It’s hard to place the Jets next to last. J-E-T-S has some good players and they try hard. But there was nothing positive about the 24-9 loss against Baltimore. 

32. Arizona Cardinals 0-1 – No pass rush, no wide receivers, an okay quarterback, and a coach that doesn’t call the right play. The 2022 Arizona Cardinals are the exact opposite of the 2021 team. 


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