NFL Betting Analysis: Power Rankings Heading Into Week 4 of the 2022-23 Season

NFL Betting Analysis: Power Rankings Heading Into Week 4 of the 2022-23 Season

The Miami Dolphins upset the Buffalo Bills in NFL Week 3, which is why we’ve got a new number one. Also, a couple of squads have emerged as the NFC’s best hopes for a Super Bowl this season and two preseason favorites not nicknamed the Bills also lost. See below for updated NFL Power Rankings after week 3 so you can continue betting against the NFL Odds.

2022 NFL Power Rankings Betting Update After Week 3

2022-23 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023

NFL Power Rankings After Week 3

  1. Miami Dolphins 3-0 – Miami isn’t just 3-0. The Dolphins have beaten the rival Patriots, top AFC contender Baltimore, and the Super Bowl chalk. So, yeah, South Florida deserves their top ranking.
  2. Buffalo Bills 2-1 – We can’t move Buffalo down too far in the rankings. Losing to the top team on the rankings by 2 points on the road is nothing to worry about.
  3. Green Bay Packers 2-1 – Green Bay beat Tom Brady and the Buccaneers on the square. Yes, Brady rallied Tampa to an almost tie in regulation, but Aaron Rodgers and the Packers won the game.
  4. Kansas City Chiefs 2-1 – The Chiefs should be 3-0 instead of 2-1. KC had every chance to beat the Colts. So a top 5 ranking after a loss make sense.
  5. Philadelphia Eagles 3-0 – Some NFL Power Rankings have the Eagles in the top four. That’s tough to do because although Philly is 3-0, the wins have come against the Lions, Vikings, and Commanders.
  6. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-1 – On these rankings, Jacksonville makes a huge move from outside the top 15 to sixth. For the second straight week, the Jags held a good offense to 10 points or less. The Jags’ may have the best defense in the league. The offense isn’t bad either. We won’t say we told you so after the Jags upset the Eagles on Sunday.
  7. Baltimore Ravens 2-1 – Baltimore scored 37 points versus a Bill Belichick coached defense in NFL Week 3, which is why Baltimore is in the top ten.
  8. Los Angeles Rams 2-1 – Matthew Stafford and the Rams’ offense isn’t playing great football. But LAR traveled to Arizona and beat a division foe on the road. So the Rams earned their ranking.
  9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-1 – Brady almost brought the Buccaneers back. Again, Green Bay won, which is why Tampa drops to ninth.
  10. Dallas Cowboys 2-1 – Cooper Rush is now 3-0 as a starter in the NFL. QB1 Dak Prescott said he could play this week. Even if he doesn’t, Rush will ensure the Cowboys continue to win games.
  11. Minnesota Vikings 2-1 – The Vikings have a big NFC matchup against the Saints in London on Sunday. Minnesota rallied to beat Detroit in week 3. Their NFL Week 4 matchup might be easier because the Saints’ offense is a mess.
  12. Denver Broncos 2-1 – Russell Wilson and Denver beat Jimmy G. and the 49ers 11-10. It’s tough to place Denver below SF, so, we won’t.
  13. San Francisco 49ers 1-2 – For most of their Sunday night game against the Broncos, SF was the better team. But Garoppolo couldn’t get it done. Still, the Niners defense is fantastic. So SF remains in the top 15.
  14. New York Giants 2-1 – The Giants had no answer on offense versus a stellar Dallas defense. Brian Daboll’s squad will bounce back in week 4. The Ge-Men play against the Bears.
  15. Cincinnati Bengals 1-2 – Cincinnati got their first win of the season but it came versus the Jets. A victory over first ranked Miami on Thursday could send the Stripes into the top 10.
  16. Indianapolis Colts 1-1-1 – Indianapolis rallied to upset the Kansas City Chiefs. The win, Indy’s first of the season, proved the Colts are good enough to take their division.
  17. Cleveland Browns 2-1 – Cleveland beat the Steelers, but the Browns have yet to play a legit playoff contender. The Falcons in week 4 shouldn’t make the playoffs, but a Cleveland victory would be their most impressive so far because Mariota and his mates are playing great.
  18. Los Angeles Chargers 1-2 – Losing starting left tackle Rashawn Slater is a big deal. What’s embarrassing is how the Jags’ offense torched the Bolts’ defense. Things could go from bad to worse for this L.A. team.
  19. New Orleans Saints 1-2 –New Orleans has a tough road ahead because Jameis Winston is playing through some nagging injuries. As long as Jameis struggles, so will the Saints.
  20. Arizona Cardinals 1-2 – The Cardinals had their chances versus the rival Rams. Mental errors, from both the coaches and the players, continue to plague The Valley.
  21. Chicago Bears 2-1 – The Bears almost lost to the Texans. It feels like Chicago is winning due to their excellent use of smoke and mirrors.
  22. Tennessee Titans 1-2 – Tennessee got their first win of the season. But let’s be fair. The Raiders had a shot to force overtime. So we shouldn’t read too much into the Titans’ victory.
  23. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2 – The Steelers have a good defense and an awful, horrible, offense. Maybe, Mike Tomlin doesn’t want to put rookie Kenny Pickett in harm’s way so early in the season but Mitch Trubisky isn’t getting it done. So as long as Mitch sits under center, the Steelers won’t compete against teams with better offenses, which is most of the league.
  24. Atlanta Falcons 1-2 – Marcus Mariota and the Falcons are a few lucky plays away from being 3-0. The ATL might be for real. A win over the Browns at home as a slight dog could send the Falcons into the top 20.
  25. Carolina Panthers 1-2 – Carolina beat the Saints at home, which is a huge win. But the Panthers must show consistency and until they do, Carolina won’t step into the top 25.
  26. Detroit Lions 1-2 – Detroit had the win against the Vikings. The Lions, like they did in week 1 against Philadelphia, blew it.
  27. New England Patriots 1-2 – Mac Jones could be out for at least 8 weeks and maybe even more. What’s worse? The Patriots can’t rely on their defense. The Ravens dominated New England in week 3.
  28. Las Vegas Raiders 0-3 – The Josh McDaniels era hasn’t gotten off to a good start. The offensive line is a disaster. The defense is playing well, but the coaches aren’t calling the right plays. So far, it’s business as usual in Vegas, which means the Raiders are underperforming big time.
  29. Houston Texans 0-1-2 – Davis Mills is regressing. Houston’s quarterback completed 66% of his passes last season. This season, it’s under 58%. The Texans continue to be competitive, though. So they’re not the worst team in the NFL.
  30. Seattle Seahawks 1-2 – Seattle’s defense allowed Mariota and the Falcons to drop 27 points in week 3. The Seahawks’ offense is playing okay, but the defense is in shambles.
  31. New York Jets 1-2 – NY Jets upset the Browns in NFL Week 2. Not only that, but the 2 losses were versus the Ravens and Bengals, a couple of playoff contenders. At least J-E-T-S tries. The worst team this week on the rankings doesn’t.
  32. Washington Commanders 1-2 – On paper, the Commanders shouldn’t be this bad, which tells us D.C. is a disaster. If Washington miraculously beats Dallas on Sunday, they’ll move them up. Don’t hold your breath.

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