Best Betting Strategies for Super Bowl 50

Written by on February 6, 2016

Many ask, what’s the best online sportsbook strategies for betting on Super Bowl 50. There are several strategies you could take, let’s go ahead and give those to you right now.

Stick to Your Guns

The most important part of betting is to stick to your guns. If you have been a Carolina Panthers bettor the past two weeks, but are scared of all the money coming in on Carolina, that’s not good. Ignore what other people are doing, and take into account what’s in your mind for this game. Basically, stick with the team you think will win this game, and more importantly cover the spread. The spread is what we are betting on.

MoneyLine Betting is a Good Idea

Look at Moneyline betting. There is no doubt, if you are a Denver Broncos backer, as far as in the betting world, the moneyline bet is for you. You can get the Broncos at +190 right now, and it’s worth the risk. Currently, they are a 5.5 point underdog, so whether you have wagered the point spread or not, LOOK AT THE MONEYLINE. For Carolina, if you are really convinced they are going to win this game, it may not be a bad option for you, as it could be worse than the -230.

The Total Bet Makes for a Good One

Bet the Total. The total is listed at 44.5. Personally, that’s a pretty good spot for it, but I think it will go over, just barely. 45 puts it at very interesting position. A 27-17 game would push the limits, but still keep it under. If you have 31-17, you would be a winner with the over. Carolina is going to score some points, the major question is – will the Broncos hold up their end of the bargain. Personally, I like the over, but barely, but if you are betting on it, do your normal statistical analysis of the game, and see if it screams OVER or UNDER to you.

Bet on Props to Enjoy the Game

Join in on the Prop Bet fun. Keep in mind, you do not want to waste your entire bankroll on silly prop bets that happen before the game. The length of the national anthem, the coin flip and other crazy bets just keep you interested in the game from start to finish. You can even look at the Super Bowl MVP Odds, who the MVP will thank first, and what color gatorade bath will the head coach get. These are all things the average fan may want to look into. Do not over do it and lose all your money, because as you know, these are very hard to predict.

Conclusion on Betting Strategies for Super Bowl 50

There are a few strategies to get you into betting mode for Super Bowl 50. There are tons of individual player, and team props available, if you really want to dive into them. The basics of this game have the Carolina Panthers as a 5.5 point favorite, and the total at 45 points. If Vegas is correct, the game should end somewhere around 25-20 Carolina. Maybe 26-19, or 27-17. Enjoy the game, and best of luck with your betting. Remember, the Super Bowl is fun, but doesn’t need to take all your hard earned money you won during the NFL season!