NFL Divisional Betting Predictions: AFC & NFC Top Picks to Win

NFL Divisional Betting Predictions: AFC & NFC Top Picks to Win

As the National Football League enters week 10, three favorites to win the Super Bowl haven’t lived up to expectations. The Rams, Buccaneers, and Packers will have trouble grabbing wild card berths, much less winning their respective divisions. Which teams will take each NFL division? See below for analysis and the top two choices so you can continue planning your bets against the NFC Divisional odds and the AFC Divisional odds

NFL Entering Week 10: Division Winner Betting Predictions

2022-23 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023

AFC East

  • Winner: Buffalo Bills 6-2

The Jets beat the Bills in NFL Week 9 but overall, it’s impossible to look past Josh Allen and his mates to win the AFC East. Buffalo is the most complete team in the league.

  • Second Choice: New York Jets 6-3

If you don’t like the Bills, go with the Jets. Yes, Miami has a great offense and the Patriots have a fantastic defense. But NYJ is better on the defensive side than the Fins and has a better offense than New England. 

AFC North

  • Winner: Cincinnati Bengals 5-4

Cincinnati’s biggest hurdle to the AFC North title is that they’re 0-3 in the division. There’s time for the Bengals to make up for the deficit. More importantly, Joe Burrow and the offense has hit their stride. 

  • Second Choice: Baltimore Ravens 6-3

Baltimore has a 1-game lead over the Bengals. So if Burrow and his mates don’t step it up, Lamar and his squad will win the division. The Browns and Steelers aren’t good enough to beat both the Ravens and Bengals.  

AFC South

  • Winner: Tennessee Titans 5-3

The Titans let a week 9 victory over conference rival Kansas City slip from their grasp. The loss was Tennessee’s first in the past 6 weeks. Not only that, but the Titans play in the worst division in football where second place Indianapolis has a 3-5-1 record.  

  • Second Choice: Jacksonville Jaguars 3-6

The Jags broke a four-game losing streak in their last. Jacksonville blasted Las Vegas. The Jags have a long way to go to catch Tennessee. But based on the disarray in Indianapolis, the Jags have a much better chance of catching the Titans then the Colts or Texans. 

AFC West

  • Winner: Kansas City Chiefs 6-2

Right now, Kansas City is the NFC’s best team. The Chiefs should have no trouble winning yet another AFC West division title. 

  • Second Choice: Los Angeles Chargers 5-3

The Bolts are winning with duct tape, some smoke, and a mirror. LAC doesn’t have a great shot of beating KC for the AFC West title but we must make a second choice. The Chargers are it. 

NFC East

  • Winner: Philadelphia Eagles 8-0

It doesn’t look like the Eagles will slow down any time soon. Jalen Hurts is the most improved player in the NFL and the defense is much better than anyone believed it would be. 

  • Second Choice: Dallas Cowboys 6-2

Dallas heads into NFL Week 10 after scoring 49 against a decent Bears’ defense in their last. If the Eagles stumble at all, Dak Prescott and his mates will be there to grab first place. 

NFC North

  • Winner: Minnesota Vikings 7-1

Nobody is going to catch the 7-1 Vikings in the horrid NFC North. Second place in the division belongs to the Packers and Bears, both at 3-6.

  • Second Choice: Chicago Bears 3-6

Chicago has a better offense than what Green Bay sends to the field. Chicago requires a monumental Minnesota implosion to have any chance of winning the NFC North. 

NFC South

  • Winner: Atlanta Falcons 4-5

The Falcons are the NFC South’s most consistent team. Atlanta plays hard on both sides of the football and should be 5-4 instead of 4-5. Bad play calls towards the end of the ATL’s loss to the Chargers in week 9 ended their chances of moving past .500.

  • Second Choice: New Orleans Saints 3-6

Tampa has a better record, but the Buccaneers aren’t the overall better team. TB got lucky beating the Rams in their last. The Saints played a terrible game versus the Ravens, which is why they aren’t tied atop the division. New Orleans is a game behind. So the Saints have time to grab the division lead. 

NFC West

  • Winner: Seattle Seahawks 6-3 

The Seahawks are legit. Kenneth Walker III is already one of the top running backs in the league. Geno Smith is playing out of his mind and the defense has gotten better week to week. 

  • Second Choice: San Francisco 49ers 4-4 

The 49ers are better than the Rams and the Cardinals, but here’s the issue with catching the Seahawks. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t on Geno Smith’s level this season. Sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. 


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