Hottest Super Bowl 53 Futures Teams Are in the NFC West

Hottest Super Bowl 53 Futures Teams Are in the NFC West

Written by on June 25, 2018

With training camps starting up in late July, Super Bowl betting should also start to heat up. Right now, the two hottest teams in Super Bowl futures both reside in the NFC West:  the L.A. Rams and the San Francisco 49ers.We dig deeper into why Super Bowl future bettors, so far, have been all over the Niners and Rams.

Super Bowl 53 Futures:  Bettors Love the 49’ers and Rams

Let’s first take a look at the San Francisco 49’ers. Then, we’ll look at the Rams.

Why do bettors love the 49’ers to win Super Bowl 53?

The current odds in MyBookie on the San Francisco 49’ers to win Super Bowl 53 are +1600. 16 to 1 might seem like low odds. They aren’t. San Francisco was around a +15000 odds choice to win Super Bowl 52. Not only that, but the 49’ers offer lower odds than Carolina, Houston, and New Orleans.There are reasons why so many bettors like San Francisco. Check out two reasons.QB Jimmy Garoppolo – The former backup to Tom Brady in New England has turned out to be an excellent NFL quarterback. He only played in 6 games. He managed to garner a 96.2 QB rating while completing over 67% of his passes. Also, San Francisco went 5 and 0 in every game Garoppolo started last season.San Francisco’s Defense – The 49’ers defense should be much improved from last season. San Francisco MLB Reuben Foster has put his legal troubles behind him. Foster has the makings of one of the best linebackers in the league. The 49’ers also added CB Richard Sherman. Sherman was one of Seattle’s top defensive players.

Why do bettors love the Rams to win Super Bowl 53?

 The Rams are at +900 in MyBookie. That makes the L.A. Rams one of the favorites from the NFC to win Super Bowl 53. The only teams ahead of the L.A. Rams from the NFC to win Super Bowl 53 are the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles, both at +750.Why do so many bettors love the Rams? Check it out!The L.A. Rams Might Have the Best Offense in the NFLLast season’s Rams’ offense averaged 361.5 total yards per game. The Rams ranked 10th in passing yards per game. They ranked 8th in rushing yards per game. The Rams ranked first in the only offensive stat that really matters, points per game. L.A. scored close to 30 points on average per last season. There’s a good chance the offense is better this season than it was last season.L.A. Also Might Have the Best Secondary in the NFLL.A. went out and grabbed two of the top cornerbacks in the NFL this past offseason. Both Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters can play single coverage. That means the Rams can blitz much more on defense this season than they did last season.Of the two hot teams in Super Bowl futures, the L.A. Rams right now are the bettors’ choice. San Francisco’s odds are surprising, though. Being favored to win a Super Bowl over Carolina and New Orleans, two teams that have won Super Bowls already, says something.Will the enthusiasm on the Niners and Rams continue? We shall see!