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NFL Betting: How Old Are Your Offensive Starters in 2015

Written by on June 7, 2015

Even with the continuous evolution of the NFL betting trends and the distinctiveness of the varied competition by various teams in the league, the subject of age and its effect on performance in the league largely remains an intriguing mystery. Of course, there have been many attempts to demystify the link between age and performance on the field, and in a good number of such discussions, the writers have provided useful insights, but in the end, we are often left with more questions than answers on the subject.

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For instance, just a few weeks ago, Jimmy Kempski of Philly Voice (an expert in the analysis of players/teams’ ages and the correlation to their efficiency on the field) detailed an expansive report on how the age of various offensive players link up with their efficiency. A lot of trends emerged out of his writing, but the most standout developments for me were:
  • Most players in the quarterback position and the offensive line tend to be more efficient as they grow older, probably because such positions tend to involve a lot of thinking and mastering of the complicated playbooks in the NFL.
  • Young players tend to excel mostly in the running back and wideout positions, as such posts often require a lot of energy, speed and athleticism—something which tends to fade away as players grow older in the 30s and all.
  • Age rarely matters in special teams, no wander we have some of the best kickers/punters in the league in both the lower and higher age groups.
  • A combination of balanced age groups (young and old) is the safest mixture to go with for success, as it offers an opportunity to blend veteran leadership with promising talent.


With three months until the regular NFL season begins, teams are likely to sign one or two more free agents, and when that is done, we will compile a comprehensive list of the average age of all the 32 teams in the league, complete with our analysis of the same. But as at now, and with the limited data we have, all we can do is to thank Kempski and his team, and then sample out their list of projected 2015 offensive starters in the section below:

Projected Offensive Starters in 2015, Ranked by Average Age:

  1. Denver Broncos: 29
  2. New England Patriots: 28.6
  3. Cleveland Browns: 28.2
  4. New Orleans Saints: 28
  5. Chicago Bears: 27.7
  6. San Diego Chargers: 27.6
  7. Dallas Cowboys: 27.4
  8. Philadelphia Eagles: 27.1
  9. New York Jets: 27.1
  10. Baltimore Ravens: 27
  11. Washington Redskins: 26.9
  1. Indianapolis Colts: 26.9
  2. Arizona Cardinals: 26.9
  3. Kansa City Chiefs: 26.9
  4. Houston Texans: 26.8
  5. Atlanta Falcons: 26.7
  6. San Francisco 49ers: 26.6
  7. Buffalo Bills: 26.5
  8. Pittsburgh Steelers: 26.5
  9. New York Giants: 26.4
  10. Carolina Panthers: 26.3
  11. Oakland Raiders: 26
  12. Minnesota Vikings: 26
  13. Detroit Lions: 26
  14. Green Bay Packers: 25.8.
  15. Cincinnati Bengals: 25.7
  16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 25.7
  17. Seattle Seahawks: 25.7
  18. Miami Dolphins: 25.2
  19. Tennessee Titans: 24.8
  20. St. Louis Rams: 24.2
  21. Jacksonville Jaguars: 23.9
*Ranking done from Oldest to Youngest in Descending Order