NFL Jets Betting Tips for the 2022 Season Win Total, Division and Conference, Super Bowl and More

NFL Jets Betting Tips for the 2022 Season: Win Total, Division and Conference, Super Bowl and More

Most NFL handicappers agree that this season’s New York Jets team will be much better than last season’s squad. But although many believe the Jets will be better this season than last, NYJ has a tall hill to climb to challenge the Bills or Dolphins for the AFC East division title. Are the odds on the Jets to win their division, the AFC conference, and the Super Bowl fair? Will the Jets win at least 6 games? Check out an odds analysis for NYJ in this New York Jets 2022 Season NFL Betting Guide. 

New York Jets 2022 Season NFL Betting Guide to Help You Wager On Their Odds

2022-23 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023

New York Jets Over/Under 5 ½  

The Jets’ win-loss total is tough to handicap. The AFC East plays the NFC North this season. The Jets are good enough to beat Detroit and Chicago.

NYJ may not be good enough to beat Minnesota. The Jets shouldn’t beat the Packers. So after playing the NFC North, the Jets should have 2 wins.

The Jets can beat Baltimore in week 1. That will be win 3. The other 3 wins could come in 2 games versus the Dolphins and 2 games against the Patriots and games versus Jacksonville, Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland. It’s won’t be easy to get to 6 wins, but it is probable. 

Total Game Pick: Over 5 ½  

Jets to win the AFC East +185

The New York Jets aren’t as good as the Buffalo Bills. But if the rookies, wide receiver Garrett Wilson, running back Breece Hall, and corner Sauce Gardner, step up, the Jets could be as good as Miami and New England.

NYJ might be better than the Dolphins and Patriots if second-year quarterback Zach Wilson significantly improves. The Jets offer overlay odds to win the AFC East.  

AFC East Odds: Overlay  

NYJ to win the AFC Conference +6800

It’s impossible to back the Jets to win the AFC. As opposed to the NFC, the AFC is deep. Every team in the AFC West, the Broncos, Chiefs, Raiders, and Chargers, can win the conference.

Cincinnati, Buffalo, and Kansas City, are three of the top five teams in the NFL. Indianapolis and Tennessee are also very good teams. 

With that being written, the Jets don’t offer underlay odds. But J-E-T-S doesn’t offer overlay odds, either. The odds on NYJ to win the conference are fair.  

AFC Conference Odds: Fair  

NYJ to Win the Super Bowl +13000

The Jets won’t win the Super Bowl. But 130-to-1 odds make them playable. Don’t play NYJ if you plan on cashing.

But if you’re a Jets fan, then consider. New York should be one of the most improved teams from last season. There’s a scenario where NYJ pulls off the greatest shocker in NFL history. The odds are fair enough to where if you’re a fan, putting a few bucks behind the Jets makes sense. 

Super Bowl Odds: Fair  

LCB  Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner to Win NFL Rookie Defensive Player of the Year +980

It’s tough for a cornerback to win defensive rookie player of the year. Sauce Gardner is good enough to where he can pull it off. But the odds are too underlaid to warrant a bet.

Aidan Hutchinson and Kayvon Thibodeaux should wreak havoc from their first pro game. Safety Kyle Hamilton should end up with close to 100 tackles if he stays healthy.

Gardner could be so effective his brilliant play doesn’t show up on the stat sheet. Nobody threw Deion’s way. Quarterbacks may not throw Gardner’s way because he’s got Deion Sanders-like skills. +980 are underlay odds. 

NFL Rookie Defensive Player of the Year Odds: Underlay


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