NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News Jimmy G. Could Land In Tampa or LA, Roquan Wants to Leave Chicago

NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News: Jimmy G. Could Land In Tampa or LA, Roquan Wants to Leave Chicago

NFL rumors and trade talk has heated up heading into the first full NFL preseason week. Commissioner Roger Goodell gave his two cents regarding Deshaun Watson’s suspension, teams may start getting desperate for Jimmy Garoppolo’s services, and Cincinnati has added a wrinkle to their offense. Check out the latest NFL Betting news on the eve of this year’s preseason week 1. 

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2022-2023 NFL Regular Season

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Roger Goodell believes the evidence says Watson deserves at least a year suspension

Last week, the NFL appealed Deshaun Watson’s 6-game suspension. Earlier this week, Roger Goodell spoke to reporters and explained why the NFL is seeking at least a year suspension.

Per Goodell, the evidence calls for a minimum year suspension. Goodell called Deshaun’s actions “egregious” and said they exhibited “predatory behavior”. 

No doubt, the NFLPA will try and fight the NFL’s appeal. But based on what Goodell said, it might be a good idea for Watson, the Cleveland Browns, and the NFLPA to accept a year suspension. 

Dragging the situation out does nobody any good. If Deshaun comes back in 2023 and he isn’t the same quarterback he was in 2020, so be it. Cleveland won’t be the first NFL franchise to give up the farm for a single player only to discover they made a bad move. 

Jimmy G. talk heats up

San Francisco’s Super Bowl quarterback should soon have a new address. Jimmy Garoppolo has been in talks with other teams after the 49ers said their second string signal-caller could look for a trade partner.

So far, no trade partner has come about. But because the Browns are likely to be without Watson for at least a season, Cleveland is probably going to try and pull the trigger on a trade for Garoppolo.

What sort of trade will happen is anybody’s guess. The Browns gave up a king’s ransom for a suspended player who may not step onto the field until 2023. Who knows if Cleveland has enough tradeable assets to acquire Jimmy.

The Seahawks have enough pieces to land Jimmy G. The problem for Seattle, though, is it appears ownership is preparing the team for a sale. 

Why worry about winning games when you want to make the team attractive to get the most bang for the buck? New NFL owners want to start fresh. Seattle can keep their draft picks and keep their money in their pockets by not trading for Garoppolo. 

The likely landing spot for Jimmy G. is probably the Rams or the Buccaneers. The Rams are worried Matthew Stafford’s elbow problem doesn’t go away. The Bucs would love to reunite Tom Brady and his backup in New England. So Tampa and Los Angeles have a vested interest in trading for the Super Bowl quarterback. 

Bengals want Ja’Marr to be the AFC’s Deebo

San Francisco wide receiver Deebo Samuel is the most unique player in the NFL. Not only is Deebo a top wideout, but he is also one of the league’s best running backs.

Samuel is so unique that in his latest contract, Deebo has incentives for rushing duties. The Cincinnati Bengals are developing Ja’Marr Chase’s roll into more of a wideout/running back ala Samuel.

If it works out, Joe Burrow and the Bengals will field one of the league’s top offenses. Ja’Marr has Deebo Samuel type skills. He can definitely run with the ball as well as catch it and take off for long TD scores. 

Almost as important if you’re a Bengals fan? Giving Chase more of an RB role frees up Joe Mixon. Cincinnati’s top running back is a handful in the open field. So if Chase and Mixon both get carries, defenses will struggle to stop either. 

Bears linebacker Roquan Smith is unhappy, check out where he could land

Linebacker Roquan Smith no longer wants to play in Chicago. The all-pro is requesting a trade. Although Chicago is mum on if they will part with Smith, it’s never good keeping an unhappy player on your team.

Also, trading Smith could yield at least two high round draft picks. So we should expect Roquan to have a new address before NFL Week 1. 

Contenders for his services include the Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos, and Miami Dolphins. If Dallas or Denver lands Smith, watch out. The two Super Bowl contenders already have great defenses. Landing Roquan would make the Broncos’ defense or Cowboys’ defense one of the top three in the league.  


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