Los Angeles Rams 2018 NFL Postseason Betting Analysis

Los Angeles Rams 2018 NFL Postseason Betting Analysis

Written by on December 31, 2018

Los Angeles Rams 2018 NFL Postseason Betting AnalysisThe Los Angeles Rams finished off the 2018-2019 NFL Regular Season with a fantastic 48-32 victory over the rival San Francisco 49ers. The Rams’ defense forced 3 interceptions on San Francisco’s first 3 drives. The game was over after that.

Los Angeles Rams 2018 NFL Postseason Betting AnalysisLos Angeles gets to take the NFL Wildcard Round off. The bye should do wonders for the Rams who, notwithstanding the win in Week 17, showed signs of weariness in the final regular season month. L.A. should be fresh when facing their opponent in the NFC Divisional Round.

Because the Rams are the 2-seed they’ll face the highest seeded opponent left in the NFC. Keep reading for a break down of the Rams chances against the spread versus any opponent they face in the Divisional Round. Also read about the Rams’ chances to cover if they make it to the NFC Championship.

Los Angeles Rams 2018 NFL Postseason Betting Analysis

Rams Regular Season Record Against the Spread

Although the Los Angeles Rams went a terrific 13-3 straight up, their against the spread record left something to be desired. Los Angeles went a losing 7-8-1 ATS on the season. What’s really disturbing about the Rams’ against the spread record is how they started the season going 3-0 ATS.

L.A. beat and covered against the Oakland Raiders, Arizona Cardinals, and Los Angeles Chargers. They appeared on their way to ATS super stardom, but then things went the opposite way. The Rams would go 4-8-1 ATS in their final 13 games.

The good news about the Rams’ against the spread record is that they went 3-2 ATS in their final 5 games. The bad news is that the 2 ATS losses were against the 2 best teams they played, the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears.

Los Angeles Rams’ NFC Divisional Playoff ATS Prospects

The reason it’s important to note that the Rams failed against the spread versus the Eagles and Bears, heck, the Rams lost both games straight up, is because there’s a major chance Los Angeles faces the Chicago Bears in the NFC Divisional Round.

The Bears are the 3-seed in the NFC Playoffs. If Chicago beats the Eagles on Sunday in the second NFC Wildcard matchup, the Rams would take on the Bears in Los Angeles the following week.

If the Eagles beat Chicago, the Rams would take on the winner of Seattle versus the Dallas Cowboys, the first NFC Wildcard matchup. The Bears beat the Rams 15-6 on Dec. 9. Chicago dominated the Rams’ offense.

Los Angeles would have a difficult time covering against the Chicago Bears. If they manage to play the Seattle Seahawks they might have an easier time because the Rams beat the Seahawks twice this season. Then again, beating a team 3 times in the same season is difficult. Los Angeles might not cover in that game, either.

The Rams should cover the spread against the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys’ defense hasn’t been great in the final 3 regular season games while Dallas won’t keep up with the Rams’ offense.

Los Angeles Rams’ NFC Championship ATS Prospects

Unless the team that the Saints battle in the Divisional Round upsets them, the Rams must travel to New Orleans for the NFC Championship. New Orleans beat Los Angeles during the regular season. It’s difficult to see the Rams beating the Saints on the road in the Superdome. They probably won’t even keep it close.

Bottom Line: Be Wary of Backing Rams Against the Spread

The Rams best chance of covering a playoff game spread is if they face the Dallas Cowboys. The Rams could face the Cowboys in either the NFC Divisional Round, or NFC Championship. The chances of either happening are less than even because the Cowboys must first beat Seattle and then beat the New Orleans Saints while the Eagles must upset the Bears in the NFC Wildcard Round.

Other than Dallas, the Rams will have a tough time covering against any of the other 4 teams in the NFC Playoffs: the Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, and Seattle Seahawks