NFC South Mock Draft For 2020 Draft

NFC South Mock Draft For 2020 Draft

Written by on April 22, 2020

With the 2020 NFL Draft now just around the corner, we are beginning to hear a lot of teams talk about their specific needs, while others seem to be a little more secretive. Regardless of how open the teams are this close to the draft, we all still have a pretty clear idea of the holes that need to be filled on every single team in the league. Some teams have already started to fill those gaps through free agency, with the next few days now crucial to how everyone is going to look next season. While some teams need guys who can play now, others are in the position of being able to draft for the future or to add some depth to the lineup. For the purposes of this piece, we are going to specifically look at the 4 teams in the NFC South and how they might approach the draft, along with their betting odds.

NFC South Mock Draft For 2020 Draft

New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints, who have won the NFC South division in each of the past two seasons, are pretty solid from top to bottom, so they are one of those teams who will be planning for the near future in this draft. All their key players are already locked up through this season, but with some big names in a contract year, the Saints need to think about replacing the guys they won’t be able to keep after this season. Chances are that the Saints will get the ball rolling by choosing an OLB, with Cesar Ruiz in their sights. They will also be looking at a TE and a safety in the early rounds, as those would appear to be their most immediate needs.

Atlanta Falcons

Given that the Falcons were a very disappointing 7-9 last season, this might well be a very crucial draft for coach Dan Quinn, as he is sure to be on a rather short leash this coming season. While the Falcons are still loaded on the offensive side of the football, they may want to consider taking an RB at some point. They did pick up Todd Gurley in free agency, but his injuries are a concern and the Falcons may need some cover there. It is defense that needs to be addressed first, though, with a CB high on the list. They will also be looking for a disruptive edge rusher, which may be their first pick.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

No team has made a bigger splash in the free agent market than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Not only did they go out and land the GOAT by signing Tom Brady to a 2-year deal, they then added Rob Gronkowski in a move that came out of nowhere. They are likely to go looking for a tackle in the early rounds and will also try to bolster their offensive line in hopes of giving Brady the protection he needs to go to work. The Bucs realize that they may have a small window of opportunity here to win the NFC South division and go all the way for the Super Bowl Championship, so they are going to be looking for players that can contribute right away.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers were brutal last season and have used the offseason to start cleaning house and rebuilding. This team is not likely to be very competitive this coming season, although picking up QB Teddy Bridgewater and WR Robby Anderson means that they can focus on filling some of their more immediate needs. Their toughest decision is going to be their first pick, which comes at #7. If any of the big name QB’s drop, they might be tempted to go that route, but they are more likely to look for help on the D. They are also going to need to pick up a TE at some point.