NFL Betting Predictions - Favorites to win the Conference

NFL Betting Predictions – Favorites to win Each Conference

Written by on August 20, 2020

It is now officially time for football fans to get excited, as we are now just 3 weeks away from the opining game in the new NFL season. You have to give credit to the league for the way in which they have handled things during the pandemic. There was never a sense that the season was in jeopardy, which allowed fans to focus on all the big headlines during preseason. There were a lot of big stories to follow, as well as speculation as to how each team might make out this year. The time for talk is almost over, but while we wait for that first Thursday game on September 10, let’s take a closer look at the favorites to win each conference so you can plan ahead your bets against their NFL odds.

NFL Analysis – Which team is favored to win each conference in 2020?

AFC Conference

There are two clear favorites predicted to come out of the AFC, neither of whom are much of a surprise. The slight favorites to win the AFC are the Kansas City Chiefs (+300), who are fresh off winning the Super Bowl last season. They are an absolute offensive juggernaut and are once again going to be very difficult to slow down. This is a team that has all the tools to become a dynasty over the next few years, assuming that they can stay healthy.

The Chiefs are just ahead of the Baltimore Ravens (+325) in the eyes of the bookies, perhaps because the Raven have had trouble in the postseason over the last couple of years. As great as Lamar Jackson has been in the regular season, he needs to find a way to get the job done in the playoffs before we can seriously think of the Ravens as a definite Super Bowl contender. The New England Patriots (+600) were expected to drop off this season with Tom Brady moving to Tampa, but the arrival of Cam Newton appears to have put them in the conversation again. One dark horse to look out for is the Pittsburgh Steelers (+1100). Ben Roethlisberger is back from injury, and they have a young defense that was fantastic last season.

NFC Conference

The fallout from the San Francisco 49ers (+400) implosion last season has been harsh, with talk that Jimmy G might be out the door as the QB. Cooler head have prevailed, though, and the Niners are in as the favorite to win the NFC. The one thing that we need to remember here is that recent Super Bowl losers have routinely failed to make the playoffs in the following season. Will that same fate befall the 49ers?

The New Orleans Saints (+500) have been arguably the most talented team, from top to bottom, in the league for the last couple of season, but luck has not been on their side in the postseason. Drew Brees is back from another run, and this team cannot be counted out.

Tom Brady deciding to do a Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform instantly put this team up among the favorites, but you have to wonder of his less than stellar season last year was due to bigger team issues or of it’s a sign that age is finally catching up to him. A new coach and a team loaded with talent makes the Dallas Cowboys (+700) a team that you should probably be paying attention to this season. They could be the dark horse in the NFC.