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Parlay Picks For 2016 NFL Week 3

Written by on July 18, 2016

In the real world, the majority of successful bettors will wait until they have amassed as much information as possible before wagering on a game. For most, that means waiting until the day of said game before making a pick. That is definitely the smart way to go, but I am desperate to talk about NFL football, which is why I am going to be making parlay picks for each week of the upcoming season, long before I would reasonably be expected to do so. As you may have already guessed, all of these picks may change as we get close to the actual game times, as the betting odds and injury reports are going to make me rethink everything I write here this week. With all that said, let’s have some fun and take a peek at what I like in Week 3 of the NFL season.

In Depth Analysis On The Parlay Picks For 2016 NFL Week 3


Seahawks over 49ers

Call me a chicken if you must, but I am going to be starting each week with a pick that I believe to be as close to a sure thing as possible. We all know that there is no sure thing in wagering, but there are some that come close. Week 3 throws out a match-up that could well be called before a single ball is touched. The 49ers are going to be bad this season, and I don’t believe they have a chance of upsetting the Seattle Seahawks at home. Stranger things have happened, but a 49ers win would be more along the lines of miraculous.

Packers over Lions

Many considered last season to be a down year for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, but it certainly didn’t help that they had to deal with a number of key injuries. I think they are in for a bounce back season, and are going to be tougher than ever to beat at Lambeau Field. I don’t think that the Lions have what it takes to go in there and get a win, especially now without Calvin Johnson in the mix.

Raiders over Titans

I will also be trying to pick a road winner each week, with the hopes of getting some decent betting odds to give my parlay ticket a little boost. In Week 3, I think that the Raiders can be the team to pull off the road win. I feel a little strange about putting so much stock in a team that has been notoriously bad for so long, but the Oakland Raiders look promising this year, and the Titans still look a long way away from being good.

Steelers at Eagles

I will be finishing each of my parlay picks with a game that a pick that is a little riskier, but which could potentially make that ticket a big winner. I have the Steelers as my early pick to win the Super Bowl, but that is assuming that they can avoid the injuries that did them in last season. They should be fresh and fit early on, which makes them a good candidate to go into Philadelphia and steal a win on the road.

NFL Week 3 Parlay Picks

Seahawks, Packers, Raiders….possibly Steelers.