NFL Power Rankings Betting Analysis for Week 5 of the 2022-23 Season

NFL Power Rankings Betting Analysis for Week 5 of the 2022-23 Season

In the latest NFL Power Rankings, the lone remaining undefeated team jumps to the top spot and a perennial top five squad grabs second. Another perennial top five dives after a tough loss. See below for updated NFL Power Rankings after week 4 so you can continue betting against the NFL Odds

2022 NFL Power Rankings Betting Update After Week 4

2022-23 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023

NFL Power Rankings Heading Into Week 5

  1. Philadelphia Eagles 4-0 – The 29-21 win over the Jaguars impresses big time. To remain in the top spot, the Eagles must prevent a trap game loss on the road versus Arizona in week 5. 
  2. Kansas City Chiefs 3-1 – KC was on a mission in the 41-31 win against the Buccaneers. The Chiefs stamped themselves as the AFC’s team to beat. 
  3. Buffalo Bills 3-1 – Buffalo sort of got lucky when beating the Ravens. Don’t dump on Buffalo this week. Pittsburgh upset the Bills straight up last season as a close to -10 road dog. 
  4. Green Bay Packers 3-1 – Green Bay grabs the fourth spot even though the Packers had to fight hard to beat the New England Patriots. Why? Aaron Rodgers always gets the benefit of the doubt.
  5. Miami Dolphins 3-1 – After Tua’s injury, things fell apart for Miami versus the Bengals. The Dolphins should get back on the right track on Sunday because the Fins take on the Jets.
  6. Dallas Cowboys 3-1 – Dallas fans are saying, “In Cooper we trust.” Rush is 4-0 as a starter. The Cowboys defense is playing so well the Rams are now a -4.5 chalk over Big D after opening as a -6.5 home favorite.
  7. Minnesota Vikings 3-1 – Minnesota played a terrific game to hold on to a win against the Saints. Don’t look now, but the Vikings are 3-1. Also, the only loss happened versus 4-0 Philadelphia.
  8. San Francisco 49ers 2-2 – Jimmy G., Deebo, and the rest jump back into the top five after a scintillating 24-9 victory over the Los Angeles Rams. San Francisco faces the hapless Carolina Panthers on Sunday so climbing above .500 is all but assured.
  9. Baltimore Ravens 2-2 – Baltimore could have beaten the Bills. Because of that, the Ravens remain in the top five. If the Edgar Allan Poes ever get the defense together, they’d be a top five club.
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-2 – Philly beat the Jaguars in week 4 but Jacksonville played well enough to remain in the top ten. No doubt, the Jags are the AFC South’s best team.
  11. Los Angeles Chargers 2-2 – The Bolts climb back into the top twelve after an inspiring 34-24 win against the Houston Texans. Sure, LAC beat the Texans, the worst team on these rankings. But fighting the way the Chargers did after losing left tackle Rashawn Slater for the season the week before impressed.
  12. Cincinnati Bengals 2-2 – Cincinnati played a complete game when beating the Miami Dolphins 27-15. Yes, Miami wasn’t the same after Tua’s scary injury. But Cincy’s offense scored 27 against a top defense. Joe Cool and the Bengals are back. 
  13. Los Angeles Rams 2-2 – The game versus San Francisco got away from Los Angeles. If the Rams can take better care of the ball, they’d probably be 3-1 instead of 2-2. 
  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-2 – KC may have exposed Tampa’s defense. If that’s the case, Atlanta could surprise the Buccaneers on Sunday. 
  15. New York Giants 3-1 – The G-Men beat Chicago in week 4. NYG is a huge underdog against Green Bay. Lay the points against the Giants at your own risk. 
  16. Denver Broncos 2-2 – Denver showed zero urgency in a loss to the rival Las Vegas Raiders. If the Broncos can’t get up for a game versus Vegas, will they get up on Thursday in a matchup against Colts? Probably not. 
  17. Tennessee Titans 2-2 – Tennessee has slowly climbed to 2-2. The Titans beat the Colts last Sunday and face the Commanders in NFL Week 5, which means the Titans will be 3-2 after this week. 
  18. Arizona Cardinals 2-2 – Just when you though the Cardinals were done for, Kyler Murray and his mates rally for a sweet road victory over the Carolina Panthers. The Cards are a quality bunch. So the Eagles had better be focused on Sunday. 
  19. Atlanta Falcons 2-2 – Most NFL bettors expect the Falcons to fall apart against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After having watched this team play a couple of times, the thinking is off base. The ATL plays hard and has more talent than many know.
  20. Seattle Seahawks 2-2 – Seattle ranks ahead of the Jets but only by a slim margin. Scoring 48 points on the road in a win against the Lions is the small margin.
  21. New York Jets 2-2 – In his first game of the season, Zach Wilson led the Jets to a 24-20 win against the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you’re a Jets fan, don’t expect a win every week. The Steelers scored 20 points and Pittsburgh’s offense is terrible. 
  22. Indianapolis Colts 1-2-1 – After beating the Chiefs in NFL Week 3, many believed the Colts we’re back. Not so. At least Matty Ice played well in the loss to the Titans.
  23. Cleveland Browns 2-2 – Because Myles Garrett sat out, the Browns struggled to contain Marcus Mariota and the Falcons. Cleveland has a tough task this week hosting the determined L.A. Chargers. 
  24. Chicago Bears 2-2 – Did anyone believe Chicago would start the season 3-1? Nope. So the Bears going down in flames versus the Giants didn’t surprise.
  25. Las Vegas Raiders 1-3 – The Raiders finally got a win and it was big. Las Vegas beat AFC West rival Denver. The road to .500 becomes tougher this week because LV faces the Chiefs at Arrowhead.
  26. New England Patriots 1-3 – The Patriots rank ahead of the Saints because it’s easier to have faith in New England third-string QB Bailey Zappe than it is to have faith in any of New Orleans’ quarterbacks. 
  27. New Orleans Saints 1-3 – No Saints fan can blame Will Lutz for missing the second 61-yard kick. New Orleans had their chances. Like what has happened in all 3 losses this season, the Big Easy blew it.
  28. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-3 – Mike Tomlin pulled the trigger on Kenny Pickett. We’ll see what the rookie is made of right away because the Steelers travel to Buffalo on Sunday.
  29. Detroit Lions 1-3 – The Lions gave up 48 points to one of the worst offenses in the NFL in week 4. Not only that, but the game was at Ford Field. The fact Detroit is 29 on these rankings tells you how bad the following three teams are.
  30. Carolina Panthers 1-3 – Even though Carolina blew a lead over the Arizona Cardinals, it’s tough to write Baker Mayfield isn’t the answer. Why? Coach Matt Rhule and his staff would struggle to win games with Dan Marino under center. 
  31. Washington Commanders 1-3 – The only reason the Commanders rank ahead of the Houston Texans is because of their lucky NFL Week 1 victory over the Jaguars. Washington is a bad football team. A rebuild is in order.
  32. Houston Texans 0-3-1 – Houston is rebuilding, but they have yet to win a game and D.C. has. Don’t get us wrong, we’d love to rank the Texans ahead of Detroit, Carolina, and Washington. But until they grab that first victory, they’re the worst team in the NFL.

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