NFL Pro Bowl Betting Odds: AFC vs NFC Predictions

NFL Pro Bowl Betting Odds: AFC vs NFC Predictions

The NFL Pro Bowl is a game that has had more than its fair share of detractors over the years, to the point where the idea of scrapping it became an option a few years ago. The game, though, has evolved and adapted and is now often used as a test game for potential new rules changes. This year is no exception, as the game will not have kick-offs to start each half, with team captains instead given the spot or choose option. In short, the team that wins the toss will have the option to spot the ball and choose the direction to play in or choose whether to start on offense or defense. This is a rule that could well be in the NFL proper next season. Let’s have a look at the upcoming Pro Bowl game so you can get ready to make your bets against the NFL Pro Bowl Odds.

2022 Pro Bowl Odds Analysis | NFL Playoffs Betting

Pro Bowl Odds

Something that is a little different with the Pro Bowl is that there is no moneyline option to choose from. Instead, bettors will be looking at playing either the spread or the point total. As we have seen in the past, this is one of the trickier games to handicap, as we are not really looking at a true game of football. Contact is limited and some players view this game as more of a fun event than something to take totally seriously. It is, in truth, a bit of a coin flip, which you can see by the current odds.

As it stands at the moment, the AFC is favored by a single point. The league has tried different things over the years, including having team captains pick teams in a draft format. In the last 4 years, the game has returned to the AFC vs NFC format, with the AFC winning each of those 4 games. Only one of those games was really close, so it might not be the worst idea to stick with the AFC to keep their current winning streak alive.

The general feeling among fans is that we will get a high-scoring game in the Pro Bowl, but it doesn’t always play out that way. The point total is set at 62 ½, which is perhaps a little high when you consider the last 4 years. We saw a scoring outburst last season, with the AFC winning 38-33, but in the 3 years prior, the average point total came in at just over 37 points per game. The question now is whether last year was an aberration or if it is more of a sign of things to come.

Pro Bowl Predictions

Again, it should be noted that picks made for this game are always a little perilous, as you never really know what to expect. In terms of the spread, it’s tough to bet against the AFC given what they have done over the past few seasons.

For the point total, I think we are looking at a number that is a little bit on the high side. Lamar Jackson ran wild last year in a high-scoring game, but he will not be involved this time around. I think it will be more like it was in the years previous, with the point total falling UNDER.


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