NFL Pro Bowl Betting Prediction and Analysis for 2023

NFL Pro Bowl Betting Prediction and Analysis for 2023

This weekend the NFL will hold its annual Pro Bowl in Las Vegas as the football world anxiously awaits the Big Game a week later when the Chiefs and Eagles tangle in the Arizona desert to settle Super Bowl 57. Not wanting to starve the appetite of its fans, the league will once again stage the Pro Bowl between all-stars teams representing both the AFC and NFC. It’s time to get a look at our in depth NFL Betting analysis so you don’t miss your chance to bet on the NFL Pro Bowl Odds.

Will the NFC Break Its Losing Streak in Pro Bowls? | NFL Playoffs Betting Lines

For many reasons, the NFL Pro Bowl is regarded as the most meaningless all-star affair in all of pro sports from a competitive standpoint. It is the only all-star game that is held after the season, and players in the Super Bowl participants are not eligible to suit up since they are readying to claim the Lombardi Trophy.

There is a twist this season as the league announced, due to player feedback and injury concerns, that its All-Star game or Pro Bowl will consist on a 7-on-7 non-contact flag football game. The hope here was twofold: firstly, it eliminates the likelihood and injuries, and secondly, given the non-contact nature of the proceedings, perhaps more players will elect to come.

Traditionally scores of players have decided to begin their off-season early instead of venturing to exotic locales (the game was in Hawaii for years before relocating) and subjecting their bodies to another week of pounding.

The AFC has emerged victorious in the last five renewals of the game and have won more times than they’ve lost (25-22 SU) since the league changed from an East/West format in 1970.

What to Make of New Format

First off, there will be three games featuring seven skill players from each conference facing off. The initial two games count as six points for the competition, while the third and final game to end the weekend will start with the score from the previous contests and skill competitions.

The field will be 50 yards with a 10-yard end zone, and the games will be 7-on-7 with skill players only taking part. There will be a pair of 10-minute halves and a 25-second play clock, and a running clock before the final two minutes of each half.  Peyton Manning will lead the AFC, while his younger brother Eli will commandeer the NFC.

Will the Streak Be Broken?

It is very hard to forecast or predict the eventual victor since not only will there be three games, but there will also be a myriad of skill competitions. In addition to Dodge Ball and a passing accuracy competition, our personal favorite is Kick-Tac-Toe, an event for long snappers, punters, and kickers.

It is very hard to discern the amount of motivation either side will have in this made-for-television event. However, we feel as though the NFC has as good a chance as any year to break the streak. 


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