SB50 Prop Bets Will Keep you in the Game

Written by on February 4, 2016

One of the most popular parts of the Super Bowl is the prop bets that are in play each season. Super Bowl 50 is no exception and there are hundreds of prop bets out there. We have narrowed down the process to give you some of the best ones. Let’s take a look at a few Super Bowl Prop Bets that will keep you in the game, no matter what the score is:

SB50 Prop Bets Will Keep you in the Game

Warm Up Props

One of the first prop bets everyone thinks of when the Super Bowl comes around is “Heads or Tails”. You can bet on the coin toss of Super Bowl 50 at! We realize there is very little skill in this bet, but putting a small amount on it can provide you some entertainment value to begin the game. Even non-football fans enjoy cheering heads or tails.

Color of Liquid Poured on the Winning Coach

A personal favorite prop bet of mine is the color of liquid that is poured on the winning coach. gives 7 choices, and gives odds to all of them. Orange is the favorite at +120, but the rest are not far behind (Blue, Clear, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple).

Earthquake in San Fran?

One of the interesting ones, with the game being in San Francisco is: “Will there be an earthquake during the game”. This is interesting, due to the amount of earthquakes the Bay Area has had. The odds for this come in at +1000 (YES) at! Kind of a silly one, but it’s something that may keep you watching as the game goes on.

Halftime Show Prop Bet

The halftime show is headlined by Coldplay. A prop bet you can find is the first song that will be played during the halftime show. Coming in as the leader is Adventure of a Lifetime at +170, next Fix You +300, A Sky Full of Stars +400, and Viva la Vida at +450. Check out the props over at MyBookie to see the other underdog songs listed.

Who Will Score the First Touchdown?

Who will score the first touchdown of the game? That’s a popular bet as well. Will the quarterback’s rush the ball in, will it be on the ground or via the air? Cam Newton is listed at +850, Greg Olsen is +700, and Jonathan Stewart is at +800 to score the first touchdown of the game. Peyton Manning is nearly last on the list at 60/1 (remember he would have to rush it in).

Super Bowl MVP Prop

The popular prop bet for every Super Bowl, is the Most Valuable Player of the game. This year Cam Newton is the big time favorite at! He is listed at -160, while the quarterback on the other side is +275. Coming in next is Ted Ginn Jr, C.J. Anderson, Jonathan Stewart, Luke Kuechly and Von Miller. There is a long list of players you can wager on. Keep in mind – quarterbacks are typically the best bet for this wager.These are some personal favorites for Prop Bets that will keep you entertained during Super Bowl 50. You can find a ton of them listed at MyBookie. These are fun, but often times suck up your money. Best of luck!