How to Bet on Pittsburgh at Carolina NFL Preseason Week 4 Odds

Solid Defense vs. Strong Attack, What Should SB50 Bettors Pick?

Written by on February 4, 2016

It’s the common question going around for Super Bowl 50, there is the strong defense of the Denver Broncos; a defense that has suffocated both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots in the postseason. A defense that is stingy when it comes to giving up touchdowns.That defense will face the best offense in the National Football League. Some would argue when healthy the Patriots had a better scoring attack, but the Panthers statistically have proven all season how strong their offense is. The question is – which should bettors back when betting at Online Sportsbook for Super Bowl 50?

Solid Defense vs. Strong Attack, What Should SB50 Bettors Pick?

Well, we have diagnosed this game from head to toe all week long. You have Cam Newton the Most Valuable Player winner against the hottest defensive menace in the game. Von Miller has wrecked up opposing team’s plans all season long. The running game for Carolina is suspect, so that’s a little bit of a down side for backing the offense. The passing game for Carolina, and the quarterback’s ability to use his legs are the positives. Look for this to be a battle of wills between the Carolina offense and the Denver defense.

Denver Defense May Struggle with Quickness

In the end, we have been going with the Carolina Panthers for two weeks now. The combination of Cam Newton’s big arm, and quick legs seem to outweigh Von Miller and his defensive line. The defensive backfield of the Denver Broncos will have a tough time with the quickness of the Carolina receiving core. Ted Ginn Jr has had an excellent season, and he seems to be a wild card in this game. When he is in the game, the Denver defense will need to keep their eye on him.

Bet on the Carolina Panthers for Super Bowl 50

So a Solid Defense against a Strong Offensive Attack – which will end up winning? The bet has got to go with the Carolina offense. The Carolina Panthers are going to win Super Bowl 50, and get the NFC back on the board. A season ago the AFC came away with a thrilling win at the end of the game when the Patriots downed the Seahawks. Look for this to be a competitive Super Bowl, but the winner of Super Bowl 50 is going to be Cam Newton and his strong arm and massive, but fast legs. The offensive attack of the Carolina Panthers leads the way for 27 points and wins 27-20 over the Denver Broncos.

Super Bowl 50 Pick & Prediction

The bet we are going to recommend to you is the Carolina Panthers -6 at over the Denver Broncos. If you got the Panthers at -3.5 when it first came out, congratulations and keep that bet. Best of luck, and enjoy Super Bowl 50!