If there's a team that has proven to be able to do anything this season it's the Chiefs.

SB 50 Long Shot with a Slim But Legitimate Shot of Winning

Written by on January 7, 2016

By the time this weekend comes to a close, 4 of the 12 teams heading into the NFL playoffs will have packed their bags and been sent home. The 4 teams who survive the Wild Card Weekend will then have the task of going up against the favorites to win Super Bowl 50, with that extra game often being what does them in. There are a couple of teams that have a legitimate shot of winning from the Wild Card position, and there are even a few at longer odds who might just be a decent bet.

Can The Chiefs Make a 14 Game Win Streak With a Super Bowl 50 Win?

The Kansas City Chiefs (+1700) are perhaps the best of the longer priced teams, as they are coming into the playoffs on an amazing run. After starting the season at 1-5 and looking dead in the water, the Chiefs then reeled off 10 straight wins to head into the postseason with a staggering amount of momentum. We have seen this happen in every professional sport, where the team with the hot hand becomes impossible to stop on their way to a championship. The Chiefs are not a particularly potent offensive squad, and are only averaging 203.4 yards per game through the air. They have a solid defensive unit, and do a great job of winning the field position battle week in and week out. They will start their playoff run in Houston this weekend versus a Texans team that they have already knocked off this season. The Chiefs are a very dangerous bunch indeed.
With AP's rushing and Bridgewater's passing the Vikings shouldn't be counted out.
These two can cause a lot of damage if they get into their groove.

Could Peterson and Bridgewater Pave the Way For A Vikings Super Bowl 50 Win?

On the NFC side of things, you need to take a look at the Minnesota Vikings (+2500). They finished with an 11-5 record on the season, and they pipped the heavily favored Green Bay Packers for the NFC North crown. They are not going to surprise anyone with their attacking game, as you can expect them to come out and pound the ball on the ground. Adrian Peterson was simply outstanding this season, ending up with 1,485 rushing yards. He has hinted that this might well be his last season if the Vikings win the Super Bowl, which brings back memories of a certain Jerome Bettis and a Steelers Super Bowl winning run from the #6 seed.There are some doubts as to whether a young QB in Teddy Bridgewater is ready yet for a playoff run, but he may just have to avoid making the big mistakes if the defense can continue to rise up and Peterson can do his thing. They have a tough start this weekend against the Seattle Seahawks, but the Vikings have home field advantage, where they went 6-2 this season. If they can get by the Seahawks, look out.