NFL Super Bowl 56 Betting Props: Best Options to Wager On

NFL Super Bowl 56 Betting Props: Best Options to Wager On

Every year, Super Bowl handicappers wait in anticipation for prop betting options. Super Bowl 56 is no different. If you go to the MyBookie site right now, you’ll see more prop options than you ever dreamed. In this blog, we discuss the top six Super Bowl Betting Props option plays, including providing a pick for Super Bowl MVP. 

The Best Super Bowl Props | NFL Betting

Super Bowl LVI

  • When: Sunday, Feb. 13
  • Where: SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, CA
  • TV/Streaming: NBC / Peacock

Joe Burrow over 276 ½ yards -115

Burrow averages 259 passing yards per game. How many yards Burrow throws for depends on how well the Bengals are rushing the football.

Tennessee shut down Cincy’s rushing attack and Burrow threw for 348. The Chiefs allowed 116 rushing yards and Burrow threw for 250. 

We must figure the Rams will shut down the rush first. So Burrow is likely to throw for at least 280. 

Matthew Stafford over ½ interception -155

Stafford isn’t an interception throwing machine. But he does tend to force the football instead of dunking it to his outlet receiver.

Gunslingers like Stafford love to take shots down the field. Often, it pays huge dividends. But at times it leads to interceptions. Stafford doesn’t mind, though, because if he takes a big shot down the field on something like a 3rd-and-8, a pick is just like a well placed punt. 

So expect Stafford to heave at least one pass down field that ends up being a quarterback punt. 

To Score a TD Anytime Props

Cooper Kupp is Matthew Stafford’s top target. Like everyone, the Bengals know this. 

Sean McVay won’t use Kupp as a decoy on every play. He will in the red zone, though. Not only that, but because Cincy will concentrate on Stafford to Kupp, Odell is likely to find himself in the perfect position to grab a pass and run away from the defense for a scintillating TD.

Also, Beckham Jr. is money in the red zone. The Bengals can’t stop both Kupp and Odell for the entire game. We must figure Beckham Jr. gets at least 1 TD. 

Ja’Marr Chase is to Joe Burrow what Cooper Kupp is to Matthew Stafford. If Jalen Ramsey sticks to Ja’Marr, Tee Higgins should be open for at least one touchdown.

Higgins caught 74 passes for 1,091 yards and caught 6 touchdowns. Tee is used to playing in big games. He was a part of a couple of Clemson College Football Playoff teams. 

Burrow has gotten more and more comfortable throwing to Higgins, and Tee is giant. He’s 6’ 4” and 215 pounds. Don’t believe for a moment, Joe won’t throw the ball up in the end zone and allow Higgins to go up and grab it. 

  • Burrow 4 TD passes +800

The odds imply this doesn’t happen, which is why we think it’s a good prop to bet. The Rams have no shot if they don’t stop Cincinnati’s underrated rushing attack, which means Burrow could have success in the passing game. 

The Bengals like to play slow, but that doesn’t mean Burrow won’t throw 4 TDs. He could easily throw 4 TD passes and the Bengals could score 28 points over four quarters. 

MVP Super Bowl Prop

If you like the Rams, Matthew Stafford is the play to win Super Bowl MVP. But if you like the Bengals, Joe Burrow is the bet. 

Burrow has never failed in a big game. The more important the game, like the two College Football Playoff contests when he was at LSU, the better Joe plays. 

So there’s a good chance Joe Burrow lights it up and is the difference on Sunday. 


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