NFL Super Bowl 57 Betting Analysis and Odds Favorites Right Before the 2022 Season Starts

NFL Super Bowl 57 Betting Analysis and Odds Favorites Right Before the 2022 Season Starts

As we head into the final week of the preseason, it’s fair to say that my opinion on potential Super Bowl contenders hasn’t changed all that much. Sure, some of the better teams in the league have not looked particularly great, while some of the poorer teams are winning games in the preseason. We all know, though, that wins and losses right now mean nothing and that those good teams will show their true colors once the regular season begins. As the games are played, we will see the odds to win the Super Bowl change, and while some odds changes may go in your favor if you decide to wait before wagering, the fact is that now might be the best odds you get for one of the favorites. Let’s take a look at the current Super Bowl Betting Lines for some of those favorites.

Updated Super Bowl LVII Odds Before 2022 Regular Season Starts | NFL Betting Analysis

Buffalo Bills (+590)

After years of living in the shadow of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, the Buffalo Bills are now the cream of the AFC East. They won the division last season with an 11-6 record, making it to the playoffs, where they were just 13 seconds away from beating the Kansas City Chiefs and heading to the Conference Championship Game. Their eventual loss on that one definitely left a mark and there is a feeling of unfinished business with this team. The Bills are stacked from top to bottom and are a worth Super Bowl favorite.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+730)

It looked as though the Buccaneers were going to be moving in a different direction this season after Tom Brady announced his retirement and Bruce Arians stepped down as head coach. Brady’s retirement last all of 40 days before he performed a dramatic U-turn. Gronk retiring will hurt, and the mystery of Brady disappearing from training camp for a few days has been an unwelcome distraction. All of that said, we get the sense that this is definitely the last ride for Brady, so don’t put it past him to end his career with another championship.

Kansas City Chiefs (+980)

With Tyreek Hill moving on to pastures new, there are some who think that the Chiefs offense might take a bit of a backward step this season. I, and more importantly, the bookies, don’t seem to agree with that assessment. The Chiefs have made moves to fill the gap left by Hill and you could now say that their receiving group is now a little more well-rounded. Mahomes is going to have an opportunity to spread the wealth with his receivers, which makes this team very dangerous indeed.

LA Rams (+1075)

When a team wins a Super Bowl and doesn’t lose any of their key pieces, they usually head into the next season as the favorite. It’s been a while, though, since we have seen a team repeat, which is a strike against the Rams, plus they have one of the toughest regular season schedules in the league. I still think that the NFC is a but weaker than it was last year, so it would not be a surprise to see the Rams make another deep run in the playoffs.


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