NFL Super Bowl 57 Odds, Betting Favorites & Analysis For Wild Card Weekend

NFL Super Bowl 57 Odds, Betting Favorites & Analysis For Wild Card Weekend

Given what went down with Damar Hamlin in the Bills/Bengals game, which was ultimately suspended, the playoffs look a little different this year. Or they might if the AFC Conference Championship Game needs to be played at a neutral venue. We can worry about all of that later, as the focus right now is on the Wild Card Round, which is set to go this coming weekend. Yes, the playoffs are upon us, and the Super Bowl Odds are set heading into the opening week of the postseason. Let’s take a closer look at those odds to see if we can break it all down.

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Given that they nabbed the #1 seed in the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs have become the favorite to win the Super Bowl. Home field advantage helps, unless of course they run into the Bills in the Conference Championship Game, which would then be on a neutral field. The Chiefs are in at +340 and closely followed by the Bills at +400. Over in the NFC, it is the Philadelphia Eagles at +620 who are favored to come out of that conference and head to the Super Bowl. They are closely followed by the San Francisco 49ers at odds of +620, too. The 49ers are as hot as it gets, coming into the playoffs on a 10-game win streak that has a lot of bettors falling on their side.

Smart Picks

In the AFC, all signs would seem to point to the Bills and Chiefs locking horns in the AFC Conference Championship Game. It seems to be the matchup that most people want, but is that the smart pick? The Bills should have no problem getting out of the Wild Card, but the Cincinnati Bengals are looming large. They too are coming in hot and have proven to be a problem for the Chiefs, as well as being up on the Bills before that game was suspended. The Bengals are at +800 and are a very sexy pick right now.

With Jalen Hurts in the lineup, the Philadelphia Eagles look to be unstoppable, but you do have to wonder if there are going to be lingering issues with his shoulder injury. There are also concerns about the 49ers heading into the playoffs with a 3rd string QB under center. Yes, Brock Purdy has looked great, but will the occasion be too big for him? Given those issues, are either one of these teams the smart pick?


I don’t think the Bengals can really be considered an AFC longshot, so who does fit that category? The longest shot is the Seattle Seahawks at +7500. As for a live longshot, can the Baltimore Ravens (+3700) get back to business with Lamar Jackson back in the lineup, or will Justin Herbert and the Chargers (+2200) get hot?

In the NFC, I am still looking at the Dallas Cowboys, who are in at +1250. They have a very winnable trip to Tampa Bay in the Wild Card Round, which could set them on a positive run. I chose the Cowboys to go to the Super Bowl in a previous article, so I am taking them as my longshot pick in the NFC.


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