NFL Super Bowl 56 Betting Guide: Over/Under Total Expert Analysis

NFL Super Bowl 56 Betting Guide: Over/Under Total Expert Analysis

It is estimated that there will be over $8 billion wagered on this year’s Super Bowl. With two very good offensive teams squaring off at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, many figured that there would be a lot of points scored in this one. The oddsmakers have spoken, and the over/under total for the Cincinnati Bengals vs. The Los Angeles Rams has been set at 48.5. Both teams averaged just over 27 points per game in the regular season. Let’s take a closer look at our NFL Playoffs Betting analysis so you don’t miss the chance to bet against the Super Bowl Odds.

How To Bet The Super Bowl Over/Under Total

Previous Super Bowls

In the history of the Super Bowl, the over has hit 27 times, while the under has also hit 27 times. There was no point total in the first Super Bowl. This Super Bowl will break the tie. The last three Super Bowls have all been under the total. In the last 10 Super Bowls, five of the games have been over, while five have been under. It’s obvious that the past over/under history won’t help much when trying to decide which one to choose. 

Current Season Statistics

In looking at the Rams’ regular-season games, the point total was under in 9 of their games, while the total was over in 10. They pushed in one of the games. For the Cincinnati Bengals, the over hit eight times, while the under hit 11 times, while there was one push. Once again, the numbers really aren’t giving us much of an indication of what will happen. 

So, after going through all of the statistics in regards to betting on the over/under in the Super Bowl, we’ve made up our minds on which way we’re going to go. First off, on paper, the Rams have a very good offense with a lot of star power. With Matthew Stafford under center, and having two talented receivers in Cooper Kupp and Odell Beckham Jr., along with a healthy Cam Akers running the ball, we should expect to see the Rams put up a lot of points. While Cincinnati’s defense was average throughout the year and played a horrible first half in the AFC Championship Game, they were able to hold the powerful Chiefs offense down in the second half. 

Joe Burrow and the Bengals offense also have the potential to put up a lot of points. Burrow has Joe Mixon in the backfield, and he has one of the best trios of receivers in the league in Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd. We’ll see how this group fares against a Rams defense that has a very good pass rush, athletic linebackers, and one of the league’s best cover corners in Jalen Ramsey. 

Over or Under?

We think that both offenses will get off to a slow start. There will be a lot of nerves to start the game, and the offenses won’t get going until later in the game. Both quarterbacks will make some key mistakes that will lead to turnovers. Right now, we’re leaning towards taking the under in this one. We feel like the defenses will step up and play well, and points will be at a premium. 


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