Super Bowl LIV Final Score Betting Prediction

Super Bowl LIV Final Score Betting Prediction

Written by on January 24, 2020

Whether you’re an avid NFL betting enthusiasts that knows the game inside and out or more of a casual pro football bettor that only wagers on NFL action when the annual Super Bowl rolls around, you could cash in big by making a handful of wagers centered around the game’s final score. Whether you prefer to make a simple Over/Under wager on the game’s O/U total odds, make a pick on each team’s respective O/U total or make a wager consisting of predicting the game’s final score, you’re going to have a great chance to potentially cash in on multiple score-related wagers.

With that thought in mind, I’m offering up four final score predictions that I believe will all have a great chance of playing out just as predicted. Since I like Kansas City to win Super Bowl LIV, let’s get started with my final score predictions for a Chiefs win.

Super Bowl LIV Final Score Betting Prediction

Chiefs 31 / 49ers 28

The Chiefs finished the regular season ranked fifth in scoring by putting 28.2 points per game on the board while Frisco finished second in scoring by putting up 29.9 points per contest. The Chiefs are averaging 43.0 points per game in two playoff games this postseason while Frisco has averaged 32.0 points per game in the playoffs.

However, the Niners were limited to 27 points against the Vikings stout defense before putting 37 points on the board against a clearly overmatched Packers squad they smacked senseless in their 37-8 win in Week 12. While I’m not expecting the Chiefs to approach the insane 51 points they scored against Houston in the divisional round, I do like the Chiefs to reach the 30-point plateau while the Niners finish right around their regular season average. Kansas City wins by a field goal to cover the spread as a manageable 1-point favorite. Kansas City has topped the 30-point plateau nine times this season including their pair of playoff games.

Chiefs 27 / 49ers 24

In keeping with my thought that the Chiefs will win Super Bowl LIV in a close thriller, I believe Kansas City could come up just short of reaching the 30-point mark while limiting San Francisco to a figure that’s nearly identical to the 27 points they put on the board against the Vikings in the divisional round. Frisco has been limited to 24 points or less six times this season, including in each of their three regular season losses.

49ers 31 / Chiefs 28

San Francisco also scored 28 points or more 11 times this season, including once in the postseason. Kansas City has been limited to 28 points or less nine times this season, including each of their four regular season losses. If the Niners do win Super Bowl LIV, I believe they’ll almost certainly have to reach the 30-point mark in order to do so!

49ers 28 / Chiefs 24

If San Francisco’s stout defense can harass Patrick Mahomes and force him into a costly interception – or two – I can see them holding the explosive Chiefs to 24 points, even though I think that may be asking a bit too much. Still, I’m expecting Super Bowl LIV to be a knock-down, drag-out thriller and this final score predictions lines up with that belief perfectly. Despite the fact that I like Kansas City to win Super Bowl LIV, there’s no doubt that Frisco could get the upset by this predicted final score.