Super Bowl LV MVP Expert Analysis - NFL Betting

Super Bowl LV MVP Expert Analysis – NFL Betting

Written by on February 3, 2021

There are a seemingly endless number of prop bets available for the Super Bowl, and while some require a bit of luck to win, there are others that are easier than most to pick a winner with. The Super Bowl MVP certainly falls into that category, especially if you look back at what has happened over the years. Since 2004, the winner of the MVP has been either a quarterback or a wide receiver all but twice. A pair of linebackers broke up the run, but more often than not, it’s an offensive player that wins. The winning QB has won the MVP 3 of the last 4 times, so that potentially narrows down your options even further. Let’s take a look at some of the favorites to win it this year so you can place your bets against their Super Bowl MVP odds.

Super Bowl MVP Betting Analysis

Patrick Mahomes (-125)

From the moment that Patrick Mahomes stepped on the field for the Kansas City Chiefs, you had a feeling that something special was happening. It did not take long for the young QB to lead the Chiefs to a Super Bowl, and now he is backing looking for another. The Chiefs are favorites to win this weekend, so given what we know about past MVP winners, it is not a surprise that Mahomes is the favorite to bag his second-straight MVP award. You need to go all the way back to 1980 to find the last time a player won consecutive MVP awards, so maybe this could be seen as a risky bet.

Tom Brady (+175)

I think it’s fair to say that we have passed the point where the GOAT discussion has been put to rest. Tom Brady moved to a new team this past offseason and immediately turned them into a contender. The Bucs got hot at the right time and the stars seem to be aligning, as this will be the first time that a team had played in the Super Bowl on home field. Brady will be looking for his 5th Super Bowl MVP this Sunday, but he already has the most in NFL history.

Travis Kelce (+1000)

In the history of the Super Bowl, we have never seen a tight end win the MVP award, but we have an opportunity to see that streak broken by Travis Kelce this weekend. Kelce may be a tight end, but he puts up numbers like a wide receiver and is a favorite target of Mahomes. This is a guy who has put together 5-straight 1000+ yard season, including over 1400 this year, which was a career best. If he can top 100 yards and get in the end zone a couple of times, he might just nab the award.

Tyreek Hill (+1000)

Last season, the Chiefs came from behind to win the Super Bowl, with Patrick Mahomes putting the team on his shoulders in the 4th quarter and leading them to victory. He was a deserving MVP, but a strong case could also have been made for Hill, who had 9 receptions for 105 yards. He did not get into the end zone, which ultimately cost him, but a similar type of performance on Sunday might see him in the running again.

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