NFL Super Bowl MVP Betting Analysis: Cooper Kupp, Aron Donald, Ja'Marr Chase Odds Favorites

NFL Super Bowl MVP Betting Analysis: Cooper Kupp, Aron Donald, Ja’Marr Chase Odds Favorites

Betting on Super Bowl prop bets has become big over the last few years. With billions of dollars bet on the Super Bowl each year, we have to think that a good chunk of that money has been placed on some sort of prop bet.

One bet that many people like to throw some money down on is who will win the game’s Most Valuable Player award. We’ve got some analysis for you to look at when choosing who you want to bet on to win the Super Bowl MVP award. Let’s take a look at the Super Bowl MVP Odds.

Super Bowl LVI MPV Odds

The Quarterbacks

The NFL revolves around the quarterback position. When you’re looking at potential winners of the Super Bowl MVP, the first place you should look at is the quarterback position. Of the last 11 Super Bowl MVPs, eight of them were quarterbacks. 

In looking at this year’s quarterbacks, Joe Burrow is a +215 to win the MVP. Burrow has a history of playing well in big games. He brought the Bengals back from a 21-3 deficit to win the AFC Championship game.

Burrow also led the LSU Tigers to an NCAA championship. Joe seems to have the “It” factor, so we’ll see if that leads him to a Super Bowl victory.

Matthew Stafford is a +130 to win the award. Stafford is finally getting his shot to play in the Super Bowl. After many frustrating years in Detroit, he is finally on a winning team, and he’s led them to a Super Bowl. We’ll see if he takes advantage of this opportunity.

The pressure will be on him, as his Rams are the favorite; we shall see if he can handle things and lead the Rams to a victory.

Cooper Kupp +600

Kupp has been tremendous all season. He is one of the main reasons that the Rams are where they are at. Teams have done everything to try and stop him, but no one has figured out a way to slow him down.

We know that the Bengals defensive game plan will revolve around stopping Kupp, but he always seems to find a way to get open in crucial situations.

Aaron Donald +550

Donald may very well be the best defensive player in the league. He affects the game so much from his position on the defensive line. Late in the NFC Championship game, Donald was getting into the backfield and making Jimmy Garoppolo have to scramble.

While Donald may not have the greatest stats, he finds ways to make things difficult for the opposing team.

Ja’Marr Chase +1400

The rookie wide receiver has had a tremendous year for the Bengals. It was Burrow that persuaded the Bengals to draft Chase instead of taking an offensive lineman with the #5 selection in last year’s NFL Draft.

That decision has paid off big, as Chase was the Bengals leading receiver this year. He’ll likely be covered by Jalen Ramsey for much of the game, but Ramsey tends to give up some big plays. If Chase can make a couple of big catches, he could win the award.


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