NFL Super Bowl 57 Betting Predictions 5 Reasons Why an AFC Team Will Win

NFL Super Bowl 57 Betting Predictions: 5 Reasons Why an AFC Team Will Win

The AFC is having a great season, and there are numerous teams capable of winning the big game. We have come up with five very good reasons why the AFC could win the Super Bowl. Let’s take a look at all five of those reasons, and then we’ll give you a brief rundown of each so you can bet on the Super Bowl Odds

Five Betting Reasons of Why an AFC Team Could Win the Super Bowl LVII

1. Patrick Mahomes

The Kansas City quarterback has shown a penchant for coming up big in pressure situations. Even without Tyreek Hill, Mahomes has shown everyone that he is a big reason why the offense is so good. The Kansas City running game has been virtually non-existent this season, and Mahomes has continued to find ways to win games. We’ll see if he can continue his run of postseason success.

2. The Miami Dolphins Offense

The Miami Dolphins have arguably the best total offense in the league. When Mike McDaniel was hired as the head coach, one of his main priorities was to turn Tua Tagovailoa into one of the league’s best quarterbacks. Thus far, McDaniel has done just that. It helps that Miami acquired Tyreek Hill and paired him with Jaylen Waddle to make up arguably the best-receiving duo in the league. With the talented receivers, and a pair of running backs in Jeff Wilson Jr. and Raheem Mostert, that are very familiar with McDaniel’s offense, the Dolphins offense could very well lead them to a Super Bowl victory.

3. The Cincinnati Offensive Line

After the Bengals lost in the Super Bowl, the team’s front office vowed to improve the offensive line in the offseason. In watching the O line over the first few weeks of the season, you couldn’t tell that that was an offseason goal. However, a few weeks later, this unit has improved tremendously. They’re doing a much better job of protecting Joe Burrow, and have been creating huge holes for Joe Mixon and Samaje Perine. If they continue to play well, we have no doubt that the Bengals can make a long postseason run, and win a Super Bowl.

4. Josh Allen

Josh Allen may be the most dynamic player in the NFL. When he is on his game, he’s very hard to slow down. Even though he’s made some costly mistakes over the past few weeks, we think that Allen can lead the Bills to a Super Bowl victory. He can make things happen in and out of the pocket, and he uses his legs to avoid the pass rush and extend plays. With a talented group of receivers, Allen’s squad is built to win it all.

5. Derrick Henry

Although the Titans have hit a rough patch, they still have one of the best runners in the league-leading them. When he’s on, Derrick Henry is the hardest runner in the league to slow down. He has shown that he can dominate a game. If Henry gets hot, the Titans can use him to eat the clock while gaining four-to-five yards at a time. 


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