NFL Super Bowl Betting Props: Best and Worst Options to Wager On

NFL Super Bowl Betting Props: Best and Worst Options to Wager On

In terms of betting, there are few games bigger than the Super Bowl. Even the most casual of gamblers tends to play along with the big game, as doing so adds to the fun of the event. It certainly helps that there is an almost countless number of wagers available for the Super Bowl, many of which are of the prop bet variety. For those of you unfamiliar with prop bets, think of them as side wagers outside of the usual wagers like the moneyline, point spread, and point total. Prop bets are for things like the yards accumulated by individual players, the outcome of specific plays, and even crazy things like the length of the national anthem. Like we said, there are a ton of these bets available, and while you are free to bet on however many you wish, some prop bets are better than others. Let’s take a look at the best and worst prop bets to wager on in the big game so you can place your bets against the Super Bowl Odds.

NFL Best & Worst Super Bowl Props to Bet on

Best Prop Bets

I would argue that the best prop bet is wagering on the MVP of the big game. The reason why this is such a good bet is because you are realistically looking at a small number of players in with a shot. It is generally always an offensive player that wins, with the QB of the winning team very often the one that gets it. You can really narrow the options down and make an informed choice.

Personally, I also like the point total bets within the game, such as the number of points scored in a specific quarter. If you are betting live during the game, you can very much get a feel for how things are going and wager accordingly before the next quarter begins.

Another good prop bet that I like is wagering on the first play of the game. Will it be a run play or a passing play? The reason why this falls into the good category is because it is something that you can research. You can look back at what teams did throughout the season to get an idea of how they will come out and start the Super Bowl.

Worst Prop Bets

With these prop bets, I am merely speaking from personal preference, as I’m sure that are going to be many of you who would list them as good. For me, it all starts off with the national anthem and the wager about how long it will take to sing it. I prefer wagers that have an impact on the game as opposed to something frivolous like this.

The same rules apply with the coin toss prop bet. Yes, you have a 50/50 chance of winning that wager, but it just feels like a way to lose money that could be better spent on wagers within the game itself. I would also add bets about ads and what commentators might or might not say during the game to this list.

Finally, as appealing as it may be, I just cannot bring myself to wager on the color of the Gatorade dumped on the head of the winning coach. If you are ahead of the game and are having a good day, you might want to close out with this wager, but it’s one I always skip.


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