Sure Winners for 2016 NFL Week 1

Kick Your NFL Betting Action With These Sure Winners for Week 1

Written by on May 9, 2016

In the grand scheme of things, NFL betting favorites often rule the in Week 1, so it comes as no surprise that the majority of the early money coming in on Week 1 NFL odds is on the favored teams. But the NFL being the crazy surprise-filled league that it is, anything can always happen, so you are better off locking your NFL picks based on dependable analysis rather than some ‘subjective’ numbers from our friends in Las Vegas.Speaking of numbers, here are all the opening lines (spreads and game totals) for NFL Week 1, as released by CG Technology.

Kick Your NFL Betting Action With These Sure Winners for Week 1

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos (-1, 43.5)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons (-3, 48)
  • Minnesota Vikings (-3, 43) at Tennessee Titans
  • Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles (-7.5 45.5)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (-1, 43) at New York Jets
  • Oakland Raiders at New Orleans Saints (PK, 50)
  • San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs (-7, 43)
  • Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens (-5, 44.5)
  • Chicago Bears at Houston Texans (-4.5, 45.5)
  • Green Bay Packers (-3.5, 47) at Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Miami Dolphins at Seattle Seahawks (-8.5, 44.5)
  • New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys (-4, 50)
  • Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Colts (-4, 50)
  • New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals (-1, 51.5)

Monday, September 12, 2016

  • Pittsburgh Steelers (-3, 50.5) at Washington Redskins
  • Los Angeles Rams (-2, 46) at San Francisco 49ers
And as far as dependable analysis is concerned, here are our sure winners for NFL Week 1:

Carolina over Denver

After Denver got us handsomely paid by in Super Bowl 50, it is really tempting to ride with them once again, hoping the defense can bring it on once again. But this is team that is missing both of its starting QBs from last year’s campaign and it’s hard to trust Mark Sanchez or rookie selection Paxton Lynch, so the offense is likely to be in shambles. On the opposing camp, Cam Newton and his offense will have a plan ready to go against Denver’s defense in this revenge mission, while Carolina’s Luke Kuechly-led defense proved more than capable of taking care of its own last year. With all that considered, Carolina should be due for a win over Denver, as the Broncos kick-start their predicted let-down season.

Kansas City over San Diego

Looking at the manner in which the Chiefs finished the 2015-16 campaign (including a strong run in the playoffs), there is simply no way the disarrayed Chargers (who’ve barely done anything to solve their defensive decencies from last year) will be able to hang with KC in Kansas City.

Green Bay over Jacksonville

Aaron Rodgers may be a self-absorbed QB and Green Bay’s excuse-filled futility in the playoffs is starting to become a bore, but that doesn’t change the fact that Rodgers is baaaad man to f*** with! This guy threw two crucial Hail Mary’s last season (one in the regular season and one in the playoffs) and led his team to a 10-6 season, despite the fact that his key offensive weapons weren’t available for most of the season and Green Bay’s defense was not even among the top-10 in the league. With a healthy offense, an improved defense and a Jacksonville team that is led by the erratic Blake Bortles; I will take Green Bay on any given Sunday.

Indianapolis over Detroit

At fast glance, this looked to me as a trap game, considering the Colts are coming off an injury- laden and largely disappointing season yet Detroit saw Mathew Stafford give a couple of strong performances on the season. But then, I remembered that, Andrew Luck is miles better than Stafford, and had this game come at the start of the 2015-16 season when everyone was talking about Indy’s playoff-bound season; the Colts would have been favored by at least a touchdown. In short, expect Stafford to account for a s score or two, and Detroit’s D to make a couple of key stops; but when all is said and done, expect Luck to do anything and everything to lead Indianapolis to a win as he seeks to remind the league that he is still a top-5 QB in the league.

Pittsburgh Steelers over Washington

The Steelers favored over Washington by just three points? C’mon… You all know better than that! A healthy Ben Roethlisberger, along with fully-loaded offensive unit that includes Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown will lay down a massacre on the Redskins. And don’t even hope that Pittsburgh’s defense will be messing this one up; last I checked, the Steelers were among the top- 5 most-improved defensive teams in the league last year, thanks to a significant investment on the defensive side of the ball over the last couple of seasons.