FEB 04 - Top Candidates For Super Bowl MVP And Their Odds

Top Candidates For Super Bowl MVP And Their Odds

Written by on February 2, 2017

By the time the clock ticks down to zero on Sunday night, we will have one team hoisting the Lombardi Trophy and getting drowned in ticker tape. Amid all that madness, one player is also going to walk away with a killer new vehicle, as well as the honor of being named the MVP of Super Bowl 51. This is actually one of my favorite wagers, as it is fun to try and figure out who will shine in the big game. There is always the chance that a defensive guy will put in a huge performance, just as Von Miller did for the Denver Broncos last year, but it’s more likely that an offensive guy will get the prize. This seems especially true this year, as both the teams are explosive. Let’s look at some of the most likely SB51 MVP candidates and their current odds. Before you bet on NFL playoffs, click here to cash in on the updated Super Bowl 51 promos.

Top Candidates For Super Bowl MVP And Their Odds


Tom Brady (-150)

Not only has Tom Brady won a Super Bowl ring on 4 different occasions, he has also walked away with the MVP 3 times. This is a guy who is now arguably the greatest QB of all time, and adding a 5th ring and another MVP award to go with it would very likely put the GOAT discussion to rest for good.

Matt Ryan (+150)

If you look at the MVP awards for the last 10 Super Bowls, you will see that a QB has won it 7 times. I’d be stunned if Ryan does not win league MVP this season, and how cool would it be if he was able to get the Super Bowl nod, too? The one thing that concerns me a little is how he will react in his first SB appearance. He has been great this season, but his playoff history is a little less impressive. Early jitters may be an issue.

Julio Jones (+800)

A massive target in more ways than one, Julio Jones is a legitimate game changer who is always just one broken tackle away from a huge play. The irony here is that if he puts up big numbers, he may be helping his QB win the MVP award, but that can change if he has a huge day with a couple of TD catches, while the rest of the receiving group struggles a little.

Julian Edelman (+1200)

Brady likes to spread the ball around a lot, so I’m not sure that a single Patriots receiver can do enough to get the MVP. If one of them can, it would have to be Julian Edelman. He is the go to guy when the Patriots need a big catch, and he has been doing it with them for years.

LaGarrette Blount (+1500)

I believe that the MVP will come from one of the 4 previously mentioned guys, but there is a bit of an X factor here. The best way to slow down the Falcons offense is to keep them off the field, and the Patriots can do that of Blount can effectively run the ball, gain first downs, and kill the clock. It’s a longshot pick, but not necessarily a bad one.