Yeah the Texans are a long shot, but let'wait to see what Watt says about that.

NFL Online Odds to win the AFC Championship

Written by on January 7, 2016

With the NFL season about to enter into the playoffs, your online odds opportunities to make some money from football are starting to dwindle. While some of you are content to ply the games individually, I would imagine that there are also plenty of you who like to do a little crystal ball gazing. There is something a little more satisfying, not to mention financially rewarding, about picking the conference champion before the playoffs begin. Let’s try and do that now, and we will start with the 6 teams going after the AFC Championship crown.

New England Patriots Online Odds To Win the AFC Championship(2/1)

Until someone comes along and knocks them off, the defending champions are always going to be among the favorites. The Patriots certainly have a recent history in the playoffs that suggests they could go all the way, but they are more than a little banged up right now. This weekend off might have come at the best time possible.

Denver Broncos Online Odds To Win the AFC Championship (2/1)

The #1 seed in the AFC will have home field throughout, and that is an advantage that cannot be overlooked. There are question marks at the QB position, as Peyton Manning has looked a little past his prime this season. The reality here, though, is that if the Broncos are to the AFC Champions, it will likely be on the strength of their defense.

Pittsburgh Steelers Online Odds To Win the AFC Championship (16/5)

There isn’t anyone in this group that can hope to get in a shootout with the Steelers and come out on the winning side. Ben Roethlisberger already has 2 Super Bowl Rings to his name, and he is surrounded by a group of receivers that could help him make it 3. The Steelers are a little young and creaky on defense, though, which may end up being their Achilles heel.
Can the Bengals cut the bad luck playoff streak and make it all the way? We'll have to see
The Bengals deserve a true shot at the gold after their continuous growth all these years.

Cincinnati Bengals Online Odds To Win the AFC Championship (10/1)

A few short weeks ago, the Bengals looked like one of the best teams in the AFC, but a thumb injury to QB Andy Dalton has cast doubts on their season. A.J McCarron is going to have to lead the Bengals past the Steelers on Wild Card Weekend, which may help explain why their odds are as high as they are right now.

Kansas City Chiefs Online Odds To Win the AFC Championship (10/1)

The Chiefs may very well be the big dark horse in this group, as there is no team on a better run of form than they are on right now. They come into Wild Card Weekend having won 10 straight games, and they will be playing a Houston Texas team that they have already knocked off this season.

Houston Texans Online Odds To Win the AFC Championship (40/1)

No-one is really giving the Texans much of a shot this weekend, but we all know that anything can happen in a 1-game scenario in the playoffs. Yes, the Texans are coming into the postseason with the worst record of all 6 NFC teams, but they are also on a 3-game winning streak, and they have J.J. Watt ready to wreak havoc.