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NFL Betting News: What is Next for Tim Tebow?

Written by on September 16, 2015

The Tim Tebow era in Philadelphia has come to an end. Despite throwing two touchdown passes in his last preseason game as an Eagle for the delight of NFL betting fans, Tebow found himself carrying release papers when the team had to get down to 53 men. He’ll be returning to his commentary roles for ESPN and the SEC Network.So who is the starting quarterback in Philly? Someone who only appeared in one preseason game and has an ACL that has already been torn twice – Sam Bradford. Given that head coach Chip Kelly was willing to roll the dice on Bradford by trading away Nick Foles for him (a move that the Rams may not mind at all after Foles led St. Louis to an overtime over Seattle in Week 1), it makes sense that Bradford is the presumptive starter.Philadelphia EaglesBut is Mark Sanchez that much better than Tim Tebow? After all, Sanchez did lead the Jets to an AFC championship game, but Tebow got the Broncos to the divisional round. So why wouldn’t you keep Tebow?Tim TebowThat’s the question that was puzzling Hall of Fame coach Mike Ditka in a recent interview with Rob Ellis and Harry Mayes on Philadelphia’s 97.5 FM The Fanatic. Ditka said, “If I was coaching today I would acquire Tim Tebow, too. I’d find places to use him on my football team. I think players like Tim Tebow are good for sports. Good for football. Good for our country. He has character. You can’t buy character…You’ve got a guy right there who will be there right til the end.”Tim Tebow CatchIt’s hard to believe that no teams can find a way to work Tebow into a creative offensive scheme. While his accuracy leaves a bit to be desired, the threat of Tebow rumbling down the field is a scary one. The Wildcat has passed into the realm of the formerly trendy offensive ideas, but working him in as a fullback or a wideout who could take a pitch and then throw a bomb has to be attractive to somebody.