NFL Wild Card Betting Predictions Update Possible Postseason Games Before Week 18 Action

NFL Wild Card Betting Predictions Update: Possible Postseason Games Before Week 18 Action

You would think that with just 1 week left in the NFL regular season, we would have a lot of things decided, but everything is essentially still up for grabs. Sure, we have some division champions settled, but we still don’t know which teams will go into the postseason as the #1 seeds in their respective conferences, plus there are still a couple of spots up for grabs. By the time the dust settles at the ends of Week 18, we still might not know the full picture, as there is still the business of the suspended Bengals/Bills game to deal with. There is a lot to go over ahead of Wild Card Weekend, but let’s try to break things down as best we can so you don’t miss your chance to bet on the NFL Playoffs Odds.

Wild Card Round Picture Before the Week 18 Games | NFL Playoffs Betting Analysis


Had the Monday night game not been suspended in such tragic circumstances, we would have a much better idea of which team would nab the #1 seed and get the bye into the Divisional Round. Until the league decides what to do, we are going to operate on the belief that every team will have played their full 18-game schedule.

Realistically, the #1 seed will be either the Bills or the Kansas City Chiefs, with the Bengals still having a slim, albeit unrealistic shot. Since the Bills hold the tiebreaker, they would get #1 by winning out.

The other big one in here is the AFC South, with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans meeting on Saturday, with the winner of that one clinching the division and the #4 seed. The Bengals or Ravens will win the North, with the edge going to Cincy, which would most likely put them at #3

We have the New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, and Pittsburgh Steelers in contention for the #7 seed, with the Patriots looking the most likely. If things play out the way I think they will, the Wild Card in the AFC would be like this:

  • #2 Kansas City Vs #7 New England
  • #3 Cincinnati Vs #6 Baltimore Ravens
  • #4 Jacksonville Vs #5 LA Chargers


For a while, it looked like the Philadelphia Eagles would romp to the #1 seed, but with Jalen Hurts sidelined with an injury, they have lost 2 in a row and are in danger of losing that spot. Hurts is scheduled to return this weekend, which should be enough to propel them to victory and the #1 spot.

The 49ers, Vikings, and Buccaneers are the other division winners. What we know for sure is that Tampa will be #4, but the 49ers and Vikings could swap spots, depending on how things go this weekend. The 49ers are rolling at the moment, so I expect them t win and hold the #2 seed, with Minnesota in at #3.

The Dallas Cowboys are locked in at #5 and the New York Giants at #6. The final battle is for the #7 seed, with Seattle, Detroit, and Green Bay all in the picture. After looking dead in the water, the Packers are in control of their own destiny and will be in with a win over Detroit this weekend, which is what I believe will happen.

The NFC Wild Card would look like this:

  • #2 San Francisco Vs #7 Green Bay
  • #3 Minnesota Vs #6 NY Giants
  • #4 Tampa Bay Vs #5 Dallas

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