NFL Wild Card Weekend Parlay Betting Picks

Written by on January 9, 2016

If you are looking to get a nice payout for a pretty small investment, you really can’t do any better than going with a parlay. Yes, it’s a little tougher to pick 2 or 3 winners on the same ticket, but the reward for doing so are some pretty nice NFL betting odds that can get your bankroll to a place where you can start to take some chances as the playoffs progress. Let’s take a look at some parlays that I like for the Wild Card weekend.

NFL Betting on Wild Card Weekend

I like to have a number of different bets going, so I will more than likely have bets for each of the individual days, as well as at least one that covers both days. Let’s start off by looking at what I like for the Saturday games. The Chiefs (-180) have already beaten the Texans this season, and I think they are primed and ready to do so again. I also think that the Steelers (-145) can go on the road and get the win in Cincinnati. Playing those two on a parlay at those odds will get you back close to $250 on a $100 bet.On Sunday, I like the Seahawks (-220) to get by the Minnesota Vikings, and I think that the Redskins (-115) might just pull off a bit of a surprise against the Packers. Playing those two teams in a parlay would deliver a return of over $270 on a $100 bet, keeping in mind that the total includes the return of your initial stake. Now, if we were to put all 4 of my picks into a 4-team parlay, you would be looking at over $700 for your $100 stake.
The Redskins will meet the Packers on Wild Card Weekend.
If you are looking for better odds and a higher return, then you need to look at the point spread and the OVER/UNDER. I really like the Chiefs to cover the 3.5 at odds of -105, and I also like the Steelers to cover the 3-point spread at odds of -115. That parlay would get you $375 on a $100 bet, but I might also be tempted to throw in the Seahawks to cover the 5.5 at -110. That would take your return up to just shy of $700. If you were really feeling a little confident, you might take the OVER 45 in the Green Bay/Washington game at odds of -110. That 4-team parlay would take you over the $1,300 mark.

Remember You Have More NFL Betting Options

Those are just a few parlay suggestions for Wild Card Weekend, but there are plenty more besides. There are a ton of great ways to win at, so get your tickets in and get ready to cash out.