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Worst Historical Super Bowl Chokes

Written by on May 1, 2015

Both fans and players know that Super Bowls are hysterically full of bad chokes or NFL betting odds. Below are some of  the worst chokes in Super Bowl history:

Super Bowl XLII- New England Patriots

In 2007, the New England Patriots were on their way to becoming the first team to score a 19 to 0 season, against all NFL betting predictions.The effort was choked by the offensive Patriots when they lost to the New York Giants by a 14-17 score.

Super Bowl XXV – Scott Norwood

Scott Norwood’s missed field goal for 47 yards sailed a wide right during the winning chance of Super Bowl. The Buffalo Bills went on to lose 4 consecutive Super Bowls which was a major setback in the NFL betting games. 

Super Bowl XXXVII – Rich Gannon

Rich Gannon was the regular season of MVP. When he was part of the Oakland Raiders. In the Super Bowl he lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by a score of 21-48. Gannon was responsible for throwing an astonishing 5  interceptions which was an astonishment. Out of them, 3were returned as touchdowns.

Super Bowl XLIV – Peyton Manning

The score was 17-24 in the last quarter of the game when Player Named Peyton Manning threw an unlikely interception to another player Tracy Porter when he was quite deep in the opponent’s territory. The same throw was returned for a 74- yards touchdown.

Super Bowl XXXVIII – John Kasay

Loss by the Carolina Panthers to the New England Patriots led to a huge fall in the professional career of John Kasay. He had connected on a field goal of 50 yards and had only less than two minutes left in the game. This is when Kasay  directed the kickoff out of bounds.  That is when the offense run by Tom Brady went to work. He was orchestrated a brilliant comeback, throwing a winning touchdown to  Adam Vinatieri.Carolina Panthers John Kasay's kick 

Super Bowl XIII – Jackie Smith

He was responsible for the  loss by the Dallas Cowboys to the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was held responsible for dropping a perfect pass that led the Cowboys to an embarrassing  31-35 loss.

Super Bowl XXXIX – Donovan McNabb

Donovan McNabb was the one who led the Eagles to the Super Bowl but failed to perform at the right time making many football betting experts lose fortunes. He threw for a total of 357 yards, but he had three inceptions that made the game switch. His Philadelphia team lost and did not make it to the Super Bowl ever again. 

Super Bowl XXX – Neil O’Donnell:

Considered as a mistake-free player, Neil O’Donnell was the one that led Pittsburg Steelers to one of the worst losses by giving the ball to the competitor.Sources:ESPN: