Updated Stanley Cup Odds – January 14th Edition

Updated 2019 Stanley Cup Odds – January 14th Edition

Written by on January 14, 2019

Most National Hockey League teams have played at least 45 games. Based on that, the Tampa Bay Lightning are running away with the league. Tampa has an amazing record considering the amount of games they’ve played. They certainly look like easy winners.

But, as opposed to the NBA where only a handful of teams can win the title, the NHL is always deep. Teams that look great in the first half of the season can run into issues in the second half. Teams that enter the playoffs as 8th seeds often have as much of a shot as teams that enter as 1st seeds.

This season, the deepest professional sports league on the planet doesn’t appear to be any different than it has in past seasons. Check out an update on Stanley Cup odds along with some thoughts that might help you decide whom to back.

Updated 2019 Stanley Cup Odds – January 14th Edition

2019 Stanley Cup Odds – Top 10 Choices

  • Tampa Bay Lightning                      +500
  • Toronto Maple Leafs                        +700
  • Vegas Golden Knights                      +700
  • Nashville Predators                           +800
  • Winnipeg Jets                                    +800
  • Calgary Flames                                 +1000
  • Pittsburgh Penguins                         +1000
  • San Jose Sharks                                +1000
  • Boston Bruins                                    +1200
  • Washington Capitals                        +1200

Are the Lightning an Overlay or Underlay at +500?

What makes this such a tough question to answer is because the Lightning have dominated. As of Jan. 13, Tampa Bay has an amazing 35-9-2 record. The Lightning have lost only 9 matches in regulation. That’s ultra-impressive.

Tampa Bay is great on both ends of the ice. They can score at will on most nights while they stop opposing teams with ease, especially when their blue line hits the ice. But, the NHL is so deep, it’s hard to write that TB is an overlay at +500.

The NHL Regular Season and Stanley Cup Playoffs are brutal. No team traipse through it unscathed. Tampa Bay has the best shot of winning the Stanley Cup. They’re still an underlay at their odds.

Which Team Offers the Most Value: Maple Leafs, Golden Knights, Predators, or Jets?

We can’t really pinpoint who has the best shot to beat the Tampa Bay Lightning from the Toronto Maple Leafs, Vegas Golden Knights, Nashville Predators, or Winnipeg Jets. Of the 4 teams, if we had to choose, the team to back is probably Vegas.

Vegas now has a 28-16-4 record. That’s not a better record than the Lightning, Leafs, Predators, or Jets, but the Golden Knights started the season playing awful hockey. At one point, they were in last place in the Pacific Division.

Last season’s Western Conference Champions have gotten it together big time. The Knights have gone 8-1 in their last 9. They’ve got momentum heading to the halfway point and should carry that momentum into the second half of the season.

What Two Teams Have the Best Shot at Lord Stanley’s Hardware Offering Odds of +1000 to +1200?

This is an easy one. It’s not as easy to repeat as Stanley Cup Champions as the Penguins made it look a couple of seasons ago, but the Washington Capitals might be special enough to do it. At 27-12-5, the Caps lead the deep Metropolitan Division. They’ve gone 6-2-2 in their last 10 and just have that look about them.

Washington upset Tampa Bay in last season’s race to the Stanley Cup. Why couldn’t they pull off a similar upset this season? They could, which is why they offer excellent value at +1200 to pull off the repeat.