2022 NHL Playoffs Betting Predictions Favorites to Win the Stanley Cup

2022 NHL Playoffs Betting Predictions: Favorites to Win the Stanley Cup

With the NHL playoffs almost upon us, it’s time to look at the current favorites and perhaps make some predictions as we go. The Eastern Conference looks a little more clear cut than the Western, where things still remain vey much up in the air in terms of potential seeding. Without know who will play who in the opening round, it is tough to make any sort of valid predictions in terms of wagering. With that in mind, we have decided to come at it from a different angle by looking at the current odds to win the Stanley Cup as well as looking at each team’s chances of winning it as put together by FiveThirtyEight.com. Let’s now break down the favorites and their chances of going all the way so you can plan your bets against the NHL Playoffs Odds.

Stanley Cup Betting Favorites | Playoffs Predictions for the Postseason

Colorado Avalanche (+330)

The Avs came into the season as the favorites to hoist the cup and little has changed since then. They currently have the most points of any team in the league and look like a good bet to win the President’s Trophy. As we have seen in the past, that is zero guarantee of playoff success. There is also recent history to consider, with the Colorado Avalanche continually disappointing in the postseason. FiveThirtyEight has them in with a 27% chance to win the Stanley Cup. Hard to argue that given the Avs form. Right now, they would face the Dallas Stars in the opening round.

Florida Panthers (+460)

We often hear talk of defense winning championships, but if the Panthers are to win it all, it might be because of their ability to outscore everyone. They have already scored 302 goals this season and are also in the hunt for the President’s Trophy. They have the most wins (32) versus conference foes and would face Washington if the season ended today. The Florida Panthers have a 15% chance of winning it all.

Calgary Flames (+680)

In the Western Conference, the performance of the Calgary Flames has been somewhat overshadowed by what the Avalanche are doing. That may actually be something that works in the favor of the Flames, as they are somewhat slipping under the radar at the moment. Their top line has been outstanding all year and may be among the best in the league, but can the rest of the team follow suit once the playoffs begin? They have an 8% chance of winning the Cup and would currently face Nashville in Round 1.

Carolina Hurricanes (+820)

The Hurricanes have a slightly better chance of winning the Stanley Cup than Calgary, which is not how the bookies see it at the moment. They have cooled off a little over the last 10 games and are in danger of being caught by the New York Rangers at the top of the Metropolitan Division. That would dramatically change the opening round matchups and might make for a tougher path through the playoffs.

The Rest of the Pack

The other teams that are in the picture, but who might be considered more of a dark horse at this stage of the proceedings, are the Tampa Bay Lightning (+850) and the Toronto Maple Leafs (+850). I have my doubts about the Lightning repeating, but I also think that if we are looking at dark horses, we should look at the Rangers, who are currently sitting at odds of +1400.


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