Stanley Cup Playoffs Analysis - NHL Betting

Stanley Cup Playoffs Analysis – NHL Betting

Written by on August 17, 2020

First round series in the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs kicked off last week. Check out updated Stanley Cup odds, an update of each first round series, and the biggest takeaway so far in this year’s NHL Playoffs!

NHL Playoff Games: Highlights, Favorites, Underdogs

2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs

  • When: August 1 – October

Updated 2020 Stanley Cup Odds

  • Boston Bruins +650
  • Tampa Bay Lightning +550
  • Colorado Avalanche +475
  • Vegas Golden Knights +320
  • St. Louis Blues +2000
  • Philadelphia Flyers +550
  • Washington Capitals +5000
  • Dallas Stars +1800
  • Vancouver Canucks +1600
  • Calgary Flames +2000
  • Carolina Hurricanes +2200
  • New York Islanders +650
  • Arizona Coyotes +5000
  • Columbus Blue Jackets +3500
  • Chicago Blackhawks +30000
  • Montreal Canadiens +5000

Round 1 NHL Playoff Series Updates

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Columbus Blue Jackets

Tampa outlasted the Jackets in a 6-hour Game 1 thriller 3-2. It makes sense that Columbus would get their revenge in Game 2. But the Lightning head into their Monday matchup with a 2-1 series lead.

Colorado Avalanche vs Arizona Coyotes

The Coyotes picked it up in Game 3. After the Avalanche outscored Arizona 6-2 in the first couple of battles, AZ dominated the Avs 4-2 in the third. Monday’s key game four could determine what happens in the rest of this suddenly competitive series.

Boston Bruins vs Carolina Hurricanes

Although favored Boston has a 2-1 series lead heading into Monday, it feels like there’s a lot left to play in this one. Carolina won Game 2 by a 3-2 score. The Hurricanes aren’t out of it just yet.

St. Louis Blues vs Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks had St. Louis on the ropes. The defending champs got back into the series with a spirited 3-2 victory on Saturday. Can St. Louis tie it up on Monday? We shall see!

Philadelphia Flyers vs Montreal Canadiens

By no means are the Flyers a lock in this series. Underdog Montreal blasted Philadelphia 5-0 in Game 2. Philadelphia beat the Canadiens 1-0 in Game 3. They barely skated by Montreal 2-1 in Game 1.

Calgary Flames vs Dallas Stars

Dallas and Calgary are knotted up 2-2. The Stars have won a couple of games by changing their philosophy. The Flames beat Dallas 3-2 and 2-0. The Stars beat Calgary 5-4 in both their wins.

Washington Capitals vs New York Islanders

The Caps entered the NHL Playoffs a less than +2000 choice to win the Cup. Now? They’re at +5000 while the team they were favored to knock out in Round 1, the New York Islanders, are at +650. That’s what happens when you go down 0-3 to a team you were supposed to sweep.

Chicago Blackhawks vs Vegas Golden Knights

The Blackhawks prevented the sweep after an impeccable 3-1 Game 4 victory. Vegas’ odds have fallen to +320 to win the Stanley Cup. The Golden Knights look strong. If Chicago can pull off a second straight upset, those odds will drift, though.

Biggest NHL Stanley Cup Playoff takeaway . . . so far

Only one team is on the verge of sweeping their first round opponent. The Islanders over the Caps 4-0 makes sense after we realize that Washington went 1-2 in their 3 round-robin games.

That means the biggest takeaway so far is that the National Hockey League hasn’t lost the parity that’s made it the most competitive major sports league in existence. 

Who can forget how the Hurricanes knocked out the +250 to win the Cup Tampa Bay Lightning in last year’s hockey postseason?

Parity exists in the NHL in 2020, meaning that although this is a unique Stanley Cup Playoffs, it’s not overly unique to where the favorites have dominated.