NHL Week 7 Top Betting Matchups of the Week

NHL Week 7: Top Betting Matchups of the Week

Written by on November 21, 2022

We’re back will your weekly rundown of the best NHL Betting matchups and games to watch for week seven of the NHL season. The 2022-23 NHL season has settled in, and definite patterns and trends are revealing themselves. We’ll highlight the best betting matchups and games to watch for the upcoming week.

Our weekly rundown starts on Monday, November 21, 2022, and ends on Sunday, November 27, 2022.

Week 7 of the NHL season 2022-2023

Monday, November 21

After a light schedule on Sunday, November 20th, there are ten games on Monday’s schedule. Monday’s schedule has your pick of excellent games to watch: the Edmonton Oilers versus the surprisingly good New Jersey Devils, an all-Atlantic battle between the Boston Bruins and the Tampa Bay Lightning, and a massive Central division matchup between the Dallas Stars and the Colorado Avalanche, who are on a winning streak coming into this game. 

Carolina vs. Winnipeg also has a lot of potential to be an excellent game, in which we’re favoring the Jets over the Hurricanes.

On the moneyline, we like the Vegas Golden Knights over the Vancouver Cancucks and the Nashville Predators over the Arizona Coyotes. As for the spread, we like the San Jose Sharks and their excellent special teams to cover the spread against Ottawa Senators.

Tuesday, November 22

We’ve only got two games on Tuesday’s NHL schedule. We like the makeup of the Buffalo Sabres, although the results haven’t always been there as predicted this season. We’re taking the Buffalo Sabres on the moneyline over the Montreal Canadiens.

In the late game, our pick depends on who the New York Rangers start in the net. If Jaroslav Halak gets the start against the Los Angeles Kings, we will lean toward the Kings, as Halak has been a clear weakness for the Rangers. If it’s Shesterkin starting for the Rangers, we’ll take the Rangers on the moneyline but will consider the Kings to cover the spread.

Wednesday, November 23

On the night before American Thanksgiving, we have fifteen games on the NHL schedule. There are a lot of potential plays and great games to watch on Wednesday night.

What are we watching? We’ll be deciding between St. Louis vs. Buffalo, Boston vs. Florida, and Toronto vs. New Jersey while checking in on Vancouver vs. Colorado and Ottawa vs. Vegas later in the night. 

There are many different bets we want to make on Wednesday. On the moneyline, we’ll pick between these picks: Carolina over Arizona, Winnipeg over Minnesota, Philadelphia over Washington, Dallas over Chicago, and Seattle over San Jose.

On the spread, we’ll take the Colorado Avalanche to cover the spread against the Vancouver Canucks and the Anaheim Ducks to cover against the New York Rangers.

As for a deep cut, take the over in the Montreal Canadiens vs. Columbus Blue Jackets game. The Blue Jackets have been hitting the over a lot this season, and these two teams met the week prior and hit the over in that matchup.

Thursday, November 24

No NHL games are scheduled for Thursday, November 24th, for American Thanksgiving. So, like the rest of the sporting world, we’re going to divert our attention to the NFL and eat as much delicious food as we can.

Friday, November 25th

Fourteen games highlight a busy Friday night on the NHL schedule after a day off. 

We’ll start our day with leftovers and a heavyweight matchup between the Carolina Hurricanes and Boston Bruins. We’re also going to catch a lot of Central division in action on Friday: Colorado vs. Nashville, St. Louis vs. Tampa Bay, and the Winnipeg Jets and Dallas Stars headline our games to watch for Friday, along with Seattle vs. Vegas.

As for our betting picks, we like the Calgary Flames to defeat the Washington Capitals, New Jersey to beat Buffalo, and the Islanders to defeat the Blue Jackets on the moneyline. We like the Detroit Red Wings to cover the spread against the Arizona Coytoes. Depending on the goalies, we’ll take the under in a potential Jake Oettinger vs. Connor Hellebuyck matchup if they start in the Winnipeg vs. Dallas matchup we’ll be watching.

Saturday, November 26

Saturday’s NHL schedule has nine games scheduled, including St. Louis vs. Florida, Calgary vs. Carolina, and a Dallas vs. Colorado rematch to grab your attention. 

We don’t forecast a good week for the Washington Capitals as we’re taking the New Jersey Devils to defeat them on the moneyline. 

Another potential moneyline pick is the Vegas Golden Knights to defeat the Vancouver Canucks. We’re also thinking about Philadelphia to cover the spread against the New York Islanders in a game that will be a test for the Flyers.

Sunday, November, 2

There are five games on the NHL schedule for Sunday, November 17th. Immediately, we’re taking the Winnipeg Jets on the moneyline over the Chicago Blackhawks. We think Ottawa vs. Los Angeles and Seattle vs. Anaheim will be good games to watch. We’re also going to think about taking Vancouver to get a win this week against the San Jose Sharks.

We like the Kraken and Ducks to cover the spread, regardless of who is listed at +1.5 goals. That game screams a one-goal game.

Regardless of who you pick or what games you choose to watch, enjoy week seven of the 2022-23 NHL schedule


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