NFL 2022 Preseason Parlay Betting Picks for the Week 2 Matches

NFL 2022 Preseason Parlay Betting Picks for the Week 2 Matches

While we have had some football this preseason, with the Las Vegas Raiders making short work of the Jacksonville Jaguars. The 2nd week of the preseason will have a full slate of games for you to enjoy. Now, we are going to take a look at some potential picks for the upcoming games this weekend, but it should be noted that these are really little more than speculation and some guessing, as we really don’t know who will be on the field and for how long. Sure, we can look at team depth and the QBs for each team, but this weekend is likely to be sloppy and pretty far removed from what we will see in the regular season. Still, let’s see if we can put together some winning NFL Preseason Betting Picks.

Parlay Picks for NFL Preseason Week 2 Games

SU Parlay – Steelers, Ravens, Raiders

We have ourselves a legitimate QB battle in Pittsburgh, so you are going to have all the potential starters probably seeing some time on the field. They are all going to want to impress, which makes the Steelers a good pick over the Seahawks.

The Baltimore Ravens open up their preseason at home against the Tennessee Titans in what should be an entertaining matchup. The Ravens will be looking to wash out the bad taste of last season by getting a win.

The Las Vegas Raiders have had the benefit of game time already after winning in the Hall of Fame Game, which should give them a bit of a leg up on the Minnesota Vikings in the lone Sunday game.

ATS Parlay – Patriots (+2), Lions (+2 ½), Broncos (-2 ½)

The point spreads in preseason games are usually close, mostly because we have no idea who will be on the field. That said, there are a couple of underdogs that I like here, starting with the New England Patriots versus the New York Giants.

The Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons are both likely to be near the bottom of the pack when this season is said and done, but I actually think the Lions might be a little better, which is why I am taking them as a slight underdog.

I’m not sure that we’ll see much of Russell Wilson for the Denver Broncos, but with new owners in place in the Mile High City, the players that do play are going to want to impress, which is why I have Denver over Dallas.

O/U Parlay – Browns (U33), Packers (O32 ½), Colts (O34)

We don’t generally expect a ton of offense in the early part of the preseason, so the totals tend to be low. The Browns and Jaguars will hook up this weekend and I don’t see there being a lot of offense here.

Given that it looks like Trey Lance is getting the QB job in San Francisco, chances are he might see some playing time. I think he and Jordan Love of the Packers might put on a bit of a show, hence the OVER.

If there is a chance of watching a game that could turn into a shootout this early in the preseason, I think it will be the one between the Colts and the Bills. There is enough talent on both sides for point to hit the board in a big way.


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