2021 Europa League Odds Update Dec. 8th Edition

2021 Europa League Odds Update Dec. 8th Edition

Written by on December 8, 2020

Although most eyes are on the Champions League, and for good reason, we’d be amiss if we didn’t take a look at the Europa League. The secondary UEFA League, think Champions League Junior, is chockful of awesome teams. Check out a list of the current favorites in each group, those teams with the most points and best chances of moving to the knockout stage, before reading our analysis and making your bets against their Europa League odds.

Updated 2021 Europa League Odds and Standings | Soccer Betting

2020-2021 Europa League

  • When: Oct. 22, 2020 – May 26, 2021

Europa League Standings

  • Group A: AS Roma +2000
  • Group B: Arsenal +600
  • Group C: Leverkusen +1600
  • Group D: Benfica +1600
  • Group E: Granada +5000
  • Group F: Napoli +1600
  • Group G: Leicester City +1000
  • Group H: AC Milan+900
  • Group I: Villareal +1600
  • Group J: Tottenham +600
  • Group K: Dynamo Zagreb +10000
  • Group L: Hoffenheim +3300

Which teams are the favorites to win the Europa League?

AC Milan is a favorite. The Serie A squad is a point behind LOSC Lille in Group H. The reason we’ve got them ahead of Lille, though, is because with 10 points, Milan should have no trouble moving to the knockout stage.

Not only that, but AC is leading Serie A with 26 points. Once at the knockout stage, expect one of the top club teams in the world, at least for now, to turn it on big time. AC Milan looks solid.

Tottenham rates a close second choice. The Hotspur are tied with Liverpool at 24 points a piece atop the English Premier League Standings. Tottenham is 2 points behind Royal Antwerp in Group J. 

Like AC Milan, they should have no trouble stamping their ticket to the knockout stage. Once they do, the Hotspur will get back to business. When it comes to the two overall chalks, Arsenal and Tottenham, the Hotspur are much preferred. Arsenal has a shot, but the odds don’t justify their true chances while Tottenham, because they’re so dominant in the EPL, could be an overlay. 

Another favorite to consider is Leverkusen. The best club team in the world, Bayern Munich, has a one-point lead over Leverkusen in the Bundesliga. If you can hang with Bayern in the German League, you’re a talented squad. Leverkusen is that and then some. 

Based on what we’ve seen so far, the Group C leader is the top pick to win the Europa League title. This is true even though Leverkusen offers +1600 odds, making them a massive overlay. 

What three underdogs have the best shot of upsetting the favorites?

The Bundesliga is deep. How deep? Bayern Munich, Leverkusen, Leipzig and Dortmund are all within 3 points of each other. Bayern, Dortmund, and Monchengladbach won their Champions League Groups.

The talent level at the Bundesliga is one of the reasons Hoffenheim is the top underdog to win the Europa League. The Group L leader offers excellent +3300 odds. They beat Bayern 4-1 on Sep. 27 and lost by a goal to Dortmund on October 17.

AS Roma and Napoli are two strong Serie A squads that can get it done at decent odds. Roma is more preferred because they offer better odds. But anyone who wants to back Napoli should do so because like Roma, they’re a good soccer team.

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