Top UEFA European Clubs Betting News Lukaku On Loan to Inter, Barcelona Sill Trying to Get Lewandowski

Top UEFA European Clubs Betting News: Lukaku On Loan to Inter, Barcelona Sill Trying to Get Lewandowski

Another week, means another seven days of UEFA soccer summer transfer window drama. This past week, one of the top players in the world changed leagues, Barca tries to make a deal for one of the most gifted goal scorers in history, the Blues parted ways with their top striker and and the Blues are in the hunt for two top players. Check out the latest in our UEFA top European clubs rumors, trades, and transfers blog so you can keep making your bets against the Soccer Lines

UEFA Top European Clubs Rumors, Trades & Transfer Talks | Soccer Betting News

2022 UEFA Soccer Summer Transfer Window

  • When: June 10 – September 1

Lukaku ready to leave Chelsea and return to Inter on loan

The Lukaku back to the Chelsea move didn’t work out as planned. In 2021, Chelsea won the Champions League. This past season, the Blues didn’t come close to repeating as CL titlists.

Romelu Lukaku started 16 games, subbed into 10 others, and scored 8 goals for Chelsea. Because Lukaku didn’t play as well as the Blues or he had expected, Chelsea will transfer Lukaku back to Inter on a loan. 

At Serie A this upcoming season, Lukaku should once again have a great season if Lautaro Martinez stays at Inter. But the chances of that happening aren’t great. 

The Blues hope to replace Lukaku with Sterling, three teams on the hunt for Lautaro

Lautaro Martinez and Romelu Lukaku built a great rapport. But Lautaro could end up out of Serie A. Three teams are hoping to transfer Lautaro.

Paris Saint-Germain, who no doubt hopes to have Martinez pass to both Messi and Mbappe, is working to land one of Argentina’s best players. So is Chelsea and so is Atletico.

Speaking of the Blues, Raheem Sterling has been mentioned as a possible replacement for Lukaku. Man City no longer requires Sterling’s services now that Erling Haaland is Pep’s top striker. 

Chelsea would improve their team big time were they to land both Sterling and Martinez. Lautaro is a gifted passer, striker, and defender. He can do it all while Sterling remains one of the fastest soccer players in the world. 

Bayern lands Mane and Pool replaces Sadio with Darwin Nunes

Bayern Munich landed Sadio Mane. The former Liverpool star will replace Robert Lewandowski. 

But although Mane will score a ton of goals for Munich, Sadio is much more than just a scorer. He’s a creative passer and understands the game of soccer as well as any current UEFA player. 

Sadio Mane is a huge get for Bayern. It will keep the Bundesliga power at the top of the standings.

After losing Mane, Liverpool immediately transferred Darwin Nunez from Benfica. Nunez scored 26 goals in 28 Portuguese Liga matches this past season. He scored 6 goals in 10 Champions League matches.

Nunez is a viable replacement for Mane, which means Jurgen Klopp’s squad will remain one of the better teams in the Premier League.

Xavi and Barcelona pulling out all stops to attract Lewandowski

Barcelona head coach and manager Xavi believes that Bayern transferring Mane should open the door for Barcelona to sign Lewandowski. 

Munich was hesitant to part ways with Lewandowski. But now that Mane is in the fold, it makes sense to grab the 40 million euros and 10 million add-ons that Barca offered the Bundesliga team.

This deal should happen. If it does, Barcelona becomes one of the favorites to win LaLiga and the Champions League. Barca can pair Ferran Torres with Lewandowski, or transfer Torres and go with Memphis Depay and Luke de Jong. 

Lewandowski opens up a world of possibilities. If you’re a Barca fan, pray to the soccer gods that a Lewy transfer happens. 


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