European Leagues Betting Update: Bayern Shows They Still Rule the Bundesliga

European Leagues Betting Update: Bayern Shows They Still Rule the Bundesliga

UEFA European Leagues picked up their season last week. Some teams, like Bayern Munich, proved they remain the best in their respective league. But other teams, like Real and Atletico, failed to live up to the hype. Check out what’s happening in the Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga’s Primera Division, and the English Premier League in our UEFA European League Update blog so you can continue betting against the Soccer odds

Latest 2021 European Leagues Betting News & Rumors Update | October 19th Edition

2021-2022 UEFA European Soccer Season 

  • When: Aug. 13, 2021 – May 22, 2022

Bayern dominates Leverkusen, jumps to a point lead over Dortmund

On Oct. 3, Frankfurt upset Bayern 2-1. After the upset loss, many believed Bayern was vulnerable to losing the Bundesliga this season. After all, in the past few seasons it took a gargantuan effort for a team like Frankfurt to get past a squad like Bayern.

Bayern, though, had other ideas. Instead of wallowing in misery, Bayern stepped it up and dominated rival Leverkusen 5-1 in their very next Bundesliga match.

Not only did Bayern beat Kusen, but they leapfrogged Dortmund to first place in the German League. The Bundesliga Standings now show Dortmund with 18 points, Leverkusen with 17, and Bayern with 19. 

Napoli maintains 2 point lead over AC Milan, Inter falls to 7 points behind

Napoli has won all 8 of their Serie A matches while AC Milan has won 7 with a draw. Because of the draw, AC is 2 points behind Napoli for first place in Serie A.

So far, Napoli and AC Milan are ahead of the rest of the league. Inter Milano, who won Serie A last season, has fallen to third place.

Inter has just 2 losses, but because Milan and Napoli are rolling, Inter is 7 points behind Napoli and 5 points behind AC Milan. 

One team both Napoli and AC must watch out for is Juventus. Heading into their Champions League match on Oct. 20, Juvy has won 6 straight, including 4 Serie A matches and a CL contest against Chelsea. 

Soon, Juventus should make a push for first place. Napoli can’t continue dominating the way they have and with each match, Juvy gels more.  

Sociedad pushes to a 3 point lead over Real, Atletico, Sevilla and Osasuna

A surprise squad has taken over in La Liga’s Primer Division. In 9 matches, Real Sociedad is 6-2-1. 

Before singing their praises too much, though, we must realize that Sociedad has played 9 La Liga contests while Real Madrid, Sevilla, and Atletico have played just 8. Osasuna, who has 17 points and is 3 points behind Sociedad, has also played 9 matches.

Real and Atletico remain the favorites to win the Primera Division. Sociedad is a good soccer team. But they don’t have good enough players to maintain their current 3 point lead.

Sociedad will fall back while Real and Atletico pick it up. Barcelona has 15 points after 8 matches and aren’t out of it, either.

So even though Sociedad is playing well, La Liga figures to return to form sooner rather than later.  

Chelsea, Man City, and Pool separate from the rest

No return to form is likely for Man United. The Red Devils have 14 points in the Premier and lost their last EPL match to Leicester City by a 4-2 score.

Chelsea, Manchester City, and Liverpool have forced separation from the rest of the league. The Blues lead the Premier with 19 points.

The Reds are in second place with 18 points. The Sky Blues are in third place with 17. All three teams are good enough to not only win the Premier League but to also win the Champions League.

Expect all three to continue to fight for first place. 

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