European Leagues Betting Update: Napoli Leads Serie A, Three LaLiga Teams Tied In 1st and More

European Leagues Betting Update: Napoli Leads Serie A, Three LaLiga Teams Tied In 1st and More

FIFA World Cup Qualifying matches continue this week, which is why it’s the perfect time to catch up on what’s happening in Europe’s top soccer leagues. Every UEFA season, Serie A, the Bundesliga, La Liga’s Primera Division, and the English Premier League produce top-notch teams. Check out who currently leads each league as well as predictions for each league so you can keep betting against the Soccer Betting odds.

Latest 2021 European Leagues Betting News & Rumors Update | October 12th Edition

2021-2022 UEFA European Soccer Season 

  • When: Aug. 13, 2021 – May 22, 2022

Napoli alone atop the Serie A Standings

Napoli has a 2-point lead over AC Milan. Inter Milano is in third behind Napoli by 4 points and AS Roma is behind by 6.

How has Napoli and AC Milan jumped to the top? AS Roma was hot early. But since winning their first few matches, they’ve fallen back to the mean. Inter lost too much from last season’s Serie A squad, which is why they couldn’t maintain the lead they had in the first couple of weeks.

Napoli and AC are playing the best. But Serie A fans should watch out for Juventus. Massimiliano Allegri finally has everyone on the same page. 

Juve is on a 5-match winning streak. One of the victories includes a a win over Chelsea in a Champions League match.   

Leverkusen pressuring Bayern in the Bundesliga

Bayern continues to lead the Bundesliga, but Robert Lewandowski and his mates have company. Leverkusen and Bayern both have 16 points.

For the first time in 21 years, Frankfurt beat Bayern in Munich’s last. So we can’t write off Leverkusen catching Bayern. More importantly? Bayern is already talking about transferring De Jong, Dest, Pedri, and Ter Stegen from Barcelona during next year’s window.

It doesn’t feel like Bayern has their minds on this season. Since a 3-4 loss to Dortmund, Leverkusen has won five straight. On Oct. 17, Leverkusen and Dortmund throw down. We’ll get a good idea of whether Kusen is ready to overtake mighty Bayern. 

Real, Atletico, and Sociedad tied for first place in La Liga

Barcelona started out playing well, but since winning their first three La Liga matches, Barca has fallen apart. Barcelona has 12 points, which is 5 points behind Primera Division leaders Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, and Real Sociedad.

As you might expect, the team most likely to fall from the top of the standings is Sociedad. Make no mistake, Real Sociedad is a good team. But they’ve drawn in their last two versus suspect competition, Mallorca and Getafe. 

Atletico and Real Madrid have better players. Expect those two to continue to battle for first place once league play restarts. 

Chelsea and Liverpool Top the Premier

The Blues and the Reds are atop the English Premier League Standings. Chelsea is in the lead with 16 points. Pool has 15.

Liverpool and Chelsea aren’t going anywhere. So expect the two teams to continue to battle for first place. However, Man United, the Sky Blues, Everton and Brighton & Hove are in the mix.

Everton and Brighton shouldn’t remain near the top of the EPL Standings. United and Manchester City have no excuse not to challenge Chelsea and Liverpool for Premier supremacy. 

Of the UEFA European Leagues, the English Premier is the moist parity filled. Chelsea, Liverpool, Man United, and Manchester City are all good enough to win. Keep an eye on all four of the top contenders once English clubs step back onto the pitch. 


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